Biblical Studies: From the Beginning

I found out today that the company I work for has Bible Study classes at our office in the Bible Belt.

I so wish we could have them here because I could demolish some of the arguments in the Bible.

Let’s take Genesis for example. I will concede that an omnipotent and omniscient being could form the earth and the heavens and all within a period of six days. But then I also concede that monkeys could fly out of my butt at any moment. It is possible, but is it probable? Not at all.

It took a few million years for the earth to form, then another LONG period of time for life to emerge, first from the mono-cellular to the macro-cellular and leading ultimately to we in our modern form as well as all the animals. plants, insects, fish etc. around us.

But the part I’m going to discuss here is a part that should have been read by every believer at some point in their lives. It’s the creation of man. In the story god creates Adam and sets about having Adam name all the critters, plants etc. But then god realizes that Adam is lonely.

Stop, wait, what? And Omnipotent and Omniscient being couldn’t know ahead of time that his creation might be lonely?

In essence what this means is that god is either not omnipotent, not omniscient, or both. In essence, it proves that the god of the Bible doesn’t exist, couldn’t exist because that god wasn’t omniscient, ergo it wasn’t a god.

But this is precisely why most religious texts always caution you not to question the faith aspect of the religion. It is because the moment you do, you see the little non sequiturs and blatant contradictions in said text. The moment you do so, it’s all over. The end of faith for you. For how can you have faith in such a logical fallacy?

4 thoughts on “Biblical Studies: From the Beginning

  1. Oh, come on. You are a very intelligent guy. Refuting the Bible with science is like refuting the Iliad and the Odyssey with History. Or the i-Ching with psychology. Truth is not necessarily literal … it is dynamic, phenomenological, many faceted…like the six blind men describing the elephant…Don’t disparage the Bible for not being science, just educate the ignorant who think it is. An interesting article you might like:

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