Providence City Council Majority Leader struck by hit and run driver

Providence City Council Majority Leader Terrence Hassett was struck and critically injured by a hit and run driver on Atwells Avenue in Providence.

My first thought upon seeing the headline was that it was par for the course. It is a section where traffic opens up on Atwells Ave and people hit the gas. The Councilman was attempting to cross the street.

But what really irked the crap out of me was one little fact in the article:

The accident occurred around 9 p.m. as Hassett was crossing the street alone, in a crosswalk, in front of Tammany Hall Pub and Parlor at 409 Atwells Ave., Sauro said.

I emboldened the relevant section. IN A CROSSWALK!

I’ve noted that here in Providence the registration plate pretty much tells you the behavior of the driver. If it’s a RI plate of any kind, they’re going to blow right on through it whether you’re in it or not. I’ve found the alpha stare works very well. Look the driver straight in the eye with a look on your face that says “Are you really gonna do it?”

But as I said, RI’ers including the fucking cops, rarely stop for pedestrians. Just last week I was surprised when a Providence police cruiser actually stopped for people in a crosswalk. But as a rule, that’s not what always happens.

MA drivers on the other hand ALWAYS stop for people in crosswalks. I think it’s to do with MA law, and how MA marks it’s crosswalks VERY well. You can’t miss em’.

Here in RI the crosswalks are two narrow parallel lines in most places. I’ve noted the new ones are proper angled bars.

They need to implement traffic calming measures on Atwells. Either that or I start carrying a bagful of caltrops.


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