Month: October 2010

Vota Tus Valores aka Vote as a Bigot!

I’m watching NOM’s latest fail, the Vota Tus Valores tour in California. Translated it’s Vote Your Values.

The VTV crowd is closely allied with the Carly Fiorina campaign. Beside her heavy handed treatment of HP, now Fiorina is in with the bigots. I’d say that should be a vote AGAINST her.

But I did a little research. You can visit the Vota Tus Valores web site here. Notice it is mostly a campaign for Fiorina?

Vota Fiorina
Vota Firorine

Now there are two web sites for the bigots, and Both have identical domain registrations pointing to:

Fellows, Marjorie
American Principles in Action
1100 H St, NW
Suite 700
Washington, District of Columbia 20005
United States
(202) 347-6840 Fax —

Digging on yields the same registration info with a slight change, it’s a gmail address:

Marjorie Fellows
1100 H Street, NW, #700
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: +1.2023476840

The American Principles in Action site is very amateurish.

Looking up the address it appears to be a building mostly comprised of lawyers aka lobbyists.

Marjorie did attend the Master Builders Training Institute & Pastors’ College. Looks like a Christian web site to me.

Always good to know your enemies.

Catholics Face Vocal ‘Mutiny’ Over Teachings On Gay Marriage

The hierarchy of the Catholic church is very much out of touch with the rank and file. Granted we do have the ones who’ll demonstrate their cowardice and do the bidding of the Bishop but there are a lot of clerics and nuns coming out in support of full equality.

Part of it is the Vatican II accords. That was a seriously liberalizing time for the church and lots of people lament the systematic repeal of those accords under John Paul II and now Benedict XVI.

I not with some interest the formation of the Old Catholic Order. Supposedly the church acknowledges it, and their priests or at least the ones I’ve met are very supportive of full equality.

I see a schism coming for the Catholic church. And I’m glad to see it happen and that old bastard in the Vatican can kiss my ass.
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Bishop Bling and the Gay Fling: Rev. Eddie Long’s Downfall

The death penalty? But now the show is on the other foot for the bishop. With four young men now standing against him he has no way out of this mess.

But the culture of Conservative Christianity always embraces the sinner. Look at Ted Haggard. If you think for one moment that Haggard isn’t still sucking cock, you’re out of your mind. He’s gay. So too Long. Gay, gay, gay, gay….. gay!
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A Jaguar prototype that makes my heart beat faster!

It seems Jaguar has got it’s game back. They have a new prototype called the C-X75 that is a TRUE hybrid in that the wheels are driven by electric motors, each capable of 195HP.

Those are backed by a Li-Ion battery pack under the seats that are backed up by twin gas turbines (Aka jet engines) that each generate 94BHP or 188BHP combined to drive a generator that tops off the battery pack or can send power directly to the wheels.

That’s pretty god damned slick. The gas tank can accommodate a range of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, CNG, and LPG. It’s a 60L tank which comes out to 15.8 gallons for we US people who never made the jump to metric. With a range of 560 miles it comes out to 35MPG for a car that does zero to 60 in 3.4 seconds. Thump-Thump, Thump-Thump.


Jaguar C-X75
Jaguar C-X75