Providence implements measures to improve pedestrian safety on Atwells Avenue

Let me make it abundantly clear. It took a city councilman being struck by a hit and run driver to start the ball rolling but we’re finally seeing a new emphasis on pedestrian traffic safety on Federal Hill. I noticed it this morning when I had to stop at Walgreens on Atwells Ave. that something new had been installed. And these babies are BOLTED to the pavement with four sturdy looking threads sticking up with lock nuts and washers holding em’ down.

Something new
Something new

They’re all up and down the strip. I’ve seen the same thing in Massachusetts. Of course at least there most of them obey the directive. Here in RI I noted quite a few cars zoom through while I was in the crosswalk. So maybe this will make you understand my more draconian solution further down.

Atwells and Piedmont
Atwells and Piedmont

And the one above, about 25 feet down the street you saw this:

Speed Display
Speed Display

The mobile speed display was interesting. If people were doing 25MPH or under it would display “Have a nice day” and if they were exceeding the speed limit it would pop up “Your Speed NN” then cycle do “SPEED LIMIT 25MPH” then “SLOW DOWN”. As you can see, the perp in this case was 9MPH over.

The city only has two of them but they should make one a permanent fixture right there on Atwells Ave. Shouldn’t cost too much and it would be an effective deterrent if you married a camera and flash to it and started taking pictures, then you could send them via the cities MESH network right to the police department where the police could print and mail the summons for speeding. If they were really progressive they’d even setup a Goggle Checkout account so you could pay the fines online.

My second though was to skip the camera and the process entirely and modify the device to have a stock of caltrops.

Modern Caltrops
Modern Caltrops

I think you see where I’m going here. When it detects a vehicle exceeding the speed limit by 10% to 20% you eject a bunch in a pattern guaranteed to flatten all four tires on the offending vehicle, stopping it dead in it’s tracks. Then you have it alert the police to do the cleanup.

Yes, much more draconian but effective.

And while I’m on the rant, I saw this pasted to a telephone pole:

Oh Really?
Oh Really?

A rough translation:

Do you have problems with your life? And you haven’t found a solution to your day to day problems? With the marriage, your children, on the job, finances? Jesus Christ is can help.

Oh sure, lay all your problems in the lap of a sky fairy and abdicate your own personal responsibility.

But rant mode off. If we wanted to slow down traffic on Atwells we could do a mini rotary. The area I’ve marked out on this map would work.


It would have the effect of slowing down traffic and preserving easy access for fire and rescue. And if there was ever a case for eminent domain this is one. That lot is empty. City or state should purchase it and then take the edge of that parking lot on the other side. It would be for the public good after all.


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