Reason #7,343,245,168 that RIPTA sucks.

So today was the first damp, cold rotten day where it’s dark at 4:15PM. And of course whenever there’s bad weather, RIPTA, or the buses of RIPTA are ALWAYS late.

But even thought my connection downtown was late the connecting bus home was too so it was at the berth when I got to the transit hub.

Ok, maybe not so bad right? Wrong.

Two blocks away from my stop someone pulled the signal cord. The “Stop Requested” indicator at the front of the bus lit up.

But the bus driver ignored the stop and continued on some five blocks.

My parting words to the driver were “You think you missed a stop a few blocks back there? Thanks a lot! Pay attention you fucking jackass.”

That’s the thing about me, make me uncomfortable enough and that Italian trait kicks in. The mouth.

But this is precisely why I wanted TRACKED transit in the city. I plan on being at the meeting on the 15th of this month to present MY plan. Besides, you can AUTOMATE a tracked system. Really not much more expensive to do so. So you eliminate the daydreaming drivers, save the payroll expense and now your only two expenses are energy and maintenance.

The reason I say automated is because computer vision systems are getting better and better every day. And on a tracked system you only need obstacle avoidance in two directions (Though you need to be aware of lateral traffic too.)

And it isn’t really that hard to pick out human shapes at a stop. This isn’t future technology, it is technology that exists TODAY.

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