My Annual UPS Rant

So I read several food blogs. What can I say, one of my favorite things to do is baking. Breads, cookies, pastries, cakes, I know how to bake.

But I’m interested in other dishes too. I’ve done Japanese, Italian, and French. So when I saw this recipe for Savory Stuffed Pumpkin on the Soup Addict’s Blog and where it came from I had to have the cookbook.

It’s by Dorie Greenspan and called “Around My French Table”. First of all the photography is top notch. My kudos to photographer Alan Richardson for a job very well done.

Anyhow I elected to pay the $11 and get 2 day shipping on the book. The book itself was $25.00 when I bought it (It’s up to $26.40 now).

Tuesday rolls around, and there’s the familiar UPS InfoNotice on the door. Funny, someone was home ALL day but UPS obviously didn’t ring the doorbell.

So Tuesday night I sign the InfoNotice and stick it on the door. Wednesday afternoon I check and no package but the InfoNotice is gone. Weird.

By this point I’m calling UPS and ripping them a new one. My co-worker tells me I’m quite effective at pointing out the failings of the service. Anyhow this gets nowhere so I call Amazon.

Amazon cannot explain to me why they shipped a $25 item with signature required. I’d say that is a failing in Amazon’s shipping system. But at this point there’s nothing they’re willing to do but contact UPS and try to get it delivered.

So now I had to get creative:

UPS Notices
UPS Notices

By Thursday I login to the UPS web site and see delivery attempt number 3 had been made and that the shipment was now in exception mode.

Anyhow the driver if he/she had actually climbed the six steps would have most DEFINITELY seen the above.

The two day shipping I PAID for is now out to 4 days of what I call Tag and Run.

So I did what I always have to do with UPS, call them up and tell them I TAPED the InfoNotice to the door and the package was NEVER delivered. The folks at UPS then tell me that the driver is still nearby and they’ll have him deliver it.

I get home and there’s my package. I called Amazon and again asked why a $25 book was shipped with signature required. The Amazon representative could not explain it but offered to refund the shipping. Absolutley! Thank you! And I checked the account and they did refund the $11 and change.

If you really want it to be delivered with no hassle and no bullshit, deliver it via the United States Postal Service. Seriously, their Priority Mail package for a little under $8 is a great deal.

But unfortunately Amazon has a deal with UPS. So now I know, I’ll have to EXPLICITLY state in the ship notes NOT to ship it signature required.

But UPS is still shit. Notice they backed away from their “What can Brown do for you?” campaign because they realized people equated the color with shit, and the best description I’ve ever heard of UPS is “UPS is shit wrapped in chiffon”.

4 thoughts on “My Annual UPS Rant

  1. I use to have a similar problem (not just w/ UPS though). Now I live in a building where there is a management office and that has made ALL the difference in the world.

  2. If you have the gear, you should set up a “sting”.

    Set up hidden cameras around the outside of your door. Order something else and have it delivered. Then record the driver failing to ring the bell or even knock (if he even comes to your door — he may just drive by). Then spread the vid all over the internet as best you can. Maybe you can get a snowball of complaints going that will get these guys to start doing their jobs right.

  3. I have actually been sitting at the window watching the ups person arrive, get out of the truck (with no package in hand) walk to the door and stick the notice on it without ringing. I ran out and chased him and asked why. He said, “It’s a residence on a weekday, and he was running late.” Pretty much the same thing as saying, “I didn’t feel like doing my job.”

  4. What a pain in the backside. Fortunately our UPS peeps are great, particularly the woman who normally delivers to our home. If I were to do shipping I’d definitely use USPS. I’ve found their rate matrix easier to understand, the rates are generally better and they’re easier to work with.

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