New Hybrid Buses are Running the Streets in Providence

Saw this on my way to work this morning.

RIPTA Hybrid Bus
RIPTA Hybrid Bus

It doesn’t look like the Gillig hybrid, is RIPTA buying Nova Buses again? Interesting. They ride better than the Gillig’s that’s for damned sure.

Notice the hump. That is a battery pack. Allegedly these babies can get double the mileage of a standard bus. But get this, she runs on pure electric. For the first several miles it runs off the battery pack then uses a smaller engine to top off the pack and supply power to the drive system. In other words what trains have been doing for at least forty years now.

Allegedly the new trolleys are hybrids too. Gotta ride one and see how quiet they’ll be because the engine is smaller and less noisy.

2 thoughts on “New Hybrid Buses are Running the Streets in Providence

  1. Actually true hybrids go like this:

    IC Engine –> Generator –> Battery Pack –> Electric Motor

    Trains remove the batter pack. Thing is, electric motors come up to 100% torque on startup. good for pulling heavy things along like a train or a bus. Hell, why do you think industry switched from steam power to electric power in a relative hurry?

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