Another incredible stretch by the Republicans

I’m just sitting here stunned after reading that one of the Republican priorities is to eliminate birthright citizenship. Wait, what?

It’s sponsored by Republican Representative Steve King of Iowa. This guy is a serious asshole.

He wants to focus on the “subject to the jurisdiction” part. Need I mention that even illegal aliens are also subject to the jurisdiction or maybe Mr. King’s logic doesn’t extend that far.

I can see the chilling effect this would have even here in RI. Our newly elected mayor in Providence would have to vacate the seat because he wouldn’t have citizenship. Several of our elected councilmen, representatives and senators might also be in serious jeopardy if such a hateful bill passes in the U.S. Congress.

It’s all bluster though since Republicans do not control the Senate. So we’re in for a couple of years of political bluster. Thing is, the Democrats would do well to record and utilize everything the Republicans in the house are doing, because I’m sure it’ll play well with their constituencies, a large part of which might be Latino.

This relates to another post I wrote a little while back which made the supposition that white America has lost it’s mind over the fact that a black man was elected President. It’s really become interesting to see the asinine spouting of Republicans lately.

Another of their pet issues is the 14th Amendment. Yeah, I can see how repealing that would be a very bad precedent but there is on silver lining should they manage to do so. Not only do people of color lose their rights if the 14th is repealed, but so too corporations.

Yeah, that would get VERY interesting.

3 thoughts on “Another incredible stretch by the Republicans

  1. The way I read it, assuming his proposed bill is constitutional, which is plainly is not, it would apply prospectively. Citizenship would not be taken away from those who already have it. It would apply only to future-born babies.

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