DADT, what the hell is the problem?

This whole study, then debate, then bury in peat, wait six months, etc. to let openly LGB soldiers serve is ridiculous.

Other countries let LGB people serve and they didn’t do months of study and debate. No they just said “This is out policy.” They didn’t let their military vote on it.

But then there’s this little factoid. The U.S. military is loaded with fundie Christians, particularly the Air Force.

And then of course we the Marine Commandant saying he doesn’t want LGB to be able to serve openly. Honey, if any of the branches were to be known for it’s bottoms, it’s the Marines. They seem to have a steady supply of them.

So explain to me why our men in arms cannot serve openly and why there’s ever so much hand wringing and grimacing going on about it? We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.

One thought on “DADT, what the hell is the problem?

  1. If DADT repeals happens, that will mean that Pres. Obama will have met another campaign promise and us homos will start giving the Dems money again. The Repubs will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening.

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