More on the Comcast Net Neututrality Debacle

It was brought to my attention that Comcast’s main gripe about Netflix is due to the fact that Netflix chose to switch their traffic carriage to Level 3.

Internet providers all have what are called peering points. It’s basically where the great big web of the network gets all intermixed. But the charging for bandwidth at the peering point still essentially uses the charging structure of the old telephone network (Board to Board, Station to Station, Person to Person) except they use bandwidth equality.

This is the main bitch from Comcast, is having to pay more to sip from the pipe.

I call bovine effluent on the whole thing. First off the whole peering charge should be flat fee. Secondly the other concern of Comcast is that their network will be saturated.

Let me take on the second point. Comcast (And Cox, Verizon et al) have ALL been collecting the highest fees for broadband IN THE DEVELOPED world yet not making any dramatic improvements to their networks.

Part of it has to do with the fact that we broadband consumers are now subsidizing the dwindling mass of cable tv subscribers.

But over the years they all could have improved their networks so say their network backbone could contend with the volume of traffic being sent by Level 3, or even offering 100Mbps download speeds in the U.S. But no, I pay $58.99 for 30Mbps service. In France they pay the equivalent of about $45 a month for 100Mbps, digital tv and phone all combined.

So this all leads me to say it once and for all. Net Neutrality means moving providers into Common Carrier status. It means giving the FCC the teeth necessary to enforce carriage.

So support Net Neutrality. Write your congress critters. Let them know you’re mad as hell and not going to take this shit anymore.

One thought on “More on the Comcast Net Neututrality Debacle

  1. It really pisses me off that the ISPs may legally throw unlimited amounts of money at all the members of Congress, thus totally owning them. There is zero chance that congress will support net neutrality, because their contributions will dry up if they do.

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