Canadian Atheist Ads are much to my liking

Here’s the article and the pic:

Atheist Bus Ads in Canada
Atheist Bus Ads in Canada

It states that “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence” and then goes on to list those items like Al’Lah, Bigfoot, UFO’s, Homeopathy, Zeus, Psychics and Christ.

Pretty accurate list. And can you just imagine the religious idiots here in the U.S. seeing that running the streets? They’d go apeshit.

I’m glad Canada is more progressive than the United States. They have equal civil rights, government health care, and now the atheists are taking a stab at it. If Canadian winters weren’t so damned frigid I’d even consider emigrating. Granted it’s 21F in Montreal, and 29F in Providence but they get the cold weather much earlier than we do. Brrrrr!

3 thoughts on “Canadian Atheist Ads are much to my liking

  1. Well, having seen a UFO dart across the sky with my entire family, I’d be on board for all but that. The probability that we are the only intelligent life form in the universe is a pretty big stretch.

    And it’s frickin cold today. Ugh.

    1. Was this in CA? I know the Skunk Works and all the black ops groups are almost exclusively on the west coast. What you all probably saw was a new aircraft or spacecraft. Particularly spacecraft as those hum along at about 17,500MPH.

  2. In the seventies. Stopped directly over us (we were camping an the shores of Lake Mead) and illuminated our entire area in blinding light. Made no sound whatsoever. A V formation of military aircraft approached, it moved on slowly and as the V formation got close it zigged, then zagged as fast as a shooting star and was gone. It’s okay though, nobody ever believes it and I wouldn’t either had I not been there.

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