My Fifth Year of Blogging

Five years certainly does go by in a flash! I started out on Blogger and then made the jump here to WordPress.

It’s been an interesting ride. I’ve managed to amuse people, educated people, and even get on some people’s nerves to the point of threats of bodily harm to myself and my loved ones.

But I’m going to keep on posting, keep on telling it like it is, keep on blogging.

Reminds me, the laptop is now five years old too. It’s just about time for replacement. I’m thinking a little 13″ MacBook Pro. I’m pretty much done with Windows PC’s. Besides, my work computer is still on XP though they are trying to get us all upgraded to Windows 7 so my Windows skills won’t suffer at all.

6 thoughts on “My Fifth Year of Blogging

  1. Congrats, man – You do have a very interesting place here in your corner of the interwebs! Here’s for many more years to come!


    P.S.: Are you serious, people have been crazy enough to THREATEN you over your blog posts?!

  2. Five years! What an accomplishment. I love reading your blog and learning your opinions and insights.

    You are about my age, aren’t you? Mid-forties? My eyes are failing fast. I can barely read my 17″ monitor and am always having to up the zoom level. If I was forced to use a 13″ I would kill myself. I can’t believe you are about to go out and buy one. Are your eyes that good still?

  3. They changed the screens at work, I have to lay on top of the screen to see it!! Congrats! I’ve been posting for 14 months…I love it…but I’ll have to admit the fashion friday thing is getting to me!!

  4. Congratulations… that is an impressive anniversary for certain. I would like to wish you well in 2011. I enjoy stopping by to see what you’ve been up to.

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