About damned time that DADT was repealed

So the U.S. Senate finally agreed on repealing the stupid policy of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell. It is a policy where 13,000+ U.S. soldiers were discharged for being gay.

The McCain Repugs are understandably  foaming at the mouth about this. It’s their mantra as the Party of No along with  their emotional, orange house leader John Boehner. And yeah, I pronounce it like BONER because you just know the ‘ay’ sound of the OE is sure not hot it should be prononced.

But it’s too damned bad. The Lame Duck Democrats have done we LGBT people a solid here. They finally repealed a policy based on ignorance and animus toward gay people.

Now we’ve got to get the sign offs from the chiefs but I don’t see that being too big an issue. After all other militaries around the world let openly gay people serve. It shows the idiocy of our current military leadership.



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