Thoughts on Snow

So it finally snowed during a visit to northeastern North Carolina this year.

Lets put it this way, 7″ of snow basically paralyzes North Carolina. It is literally the White Death from the Sky! You don’t go anywhere because people down there don’t know how to drive in snow. Here’s what I’m talking about:

NC Snow
NC Snow

And here in RI we got 14″ of the crap and all that’s left is this:

Snow remains in Providence
Snow remains in Providence

While in North Carolina that 7″ is almost completely gone.

I hate snow. But I do know how to handle it.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Snow

  1. I hear you. I grew up in New England so I knew what to do with snow. Then I moved to the Mid-Atlantic and not only did they not know what to do when it snowed, they often went into near apoplexy when a rainstorm occurred.

    I was used to going to school unless there was a foot of snow or more. When I heard them calling off school for as little as an inch, a heavy rainstorm, or even for fog (yes, for fog) I wondered how kids in that state ever got an education. And driving on the highways was an adventure considering people just about fell apart when a single snow flake hit the road.

    At least I don’t have to worry about that now, as it pretty much never snows here.

    1. Yeah – it took a good amount of snow for us to have a school cancellation. Or work cancellation. When I worked at Brown they’d always close on the merest suggestion of snow, because a lot of their staff used on-street parking. So if there was a parking ban in the city we didn’t have to go to the office.

      Working for the state was similar.

      Now I work for a company and have full remote access so I don’t really NEED to be in the office.

  2. My old roommate from NC would go bezerk with the thought of any snow about to happen. He wanted to stock up on bread and milk etc. as if we were to be housebond for weeks.

  3. Hilarious.:) This brings back so many memories from living in VA during my youth. Snow is thought of as the white death from the sky and no one knows what to do in snow, rain, or fog, unless they are from another part of the country.

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