Why Cox Internet Services are really starting to suck

I sent the following message to Cox support. I’m just dying to see if I get a response.

I am very dismayed with Cox for several reasons which I shall elaborate below:

1) DNS service frequently goes belly up. Unfortunately I notice this as I use DNS for several different purposes and when certain applications start to complain, DNS is the first point of failure on the Cox network.

2) Bandwidth – I realize that coaxial net service is shared bandwidth and as such the speeds you promise aren’t real world. But for years the cost of that connection has risen, but performance has decreased over time.

3) Customer Service – don’t even try to suggest to me that because my modem is 4 years old that maybe it’s the problem. It’s in essence an RF device and as both a licensed amateur radio operator, and as a holder of a commercial radiotelephone license, I have RF devices that are FAR more than 4 years old yet still function perfectly. They may be able to shove bovine excrement at some people but not me.

4) Related to the above, your tier 1 people need to be better trained other than to follow a script. Scripts are highly offensive to those of us in the I.T. and InfoSec fields.

I won’t necessarily go over to Verizon but I am thinking about giving Clear Wireless a shot.

3 thoughts on “Why Cox Internet Services are really starting to suck

  1. Truthspew, keeping it at your level is the only way to go. Average users seem to be okay with Comcast for some reason, but anyone with basic IT skills/knowledge can’t deal with the BS they spew half the time. I didn’t like them when I had them(six years ago) because I saw a decrease in performance.

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