Interesting tidbit on Facebook regarding the Queer Action Debacle of a few months ago

If you have been following this blog you may recall that months back, around last April or so there was a big hornets nest stirred up because I’d criticized something posted by Queer Action Rhode Island on Facebook.

Recently I was invited by a friend to “LIKE” Queer Action. My response was to post this on my status:

I refuse to like Queer Action. I watched their tactics, watched them take credit for things they didn’t start, watched them dismantle another group. Why the hell would I want to LIKE them?

I was contacted by a former member of Queer Action and what that person told me was interesting. I’ll excerpt here:

I was once a member of Queer Action and have delt with Heather Curleys lovely punishments ( for no reason.) I remember her talking about you and expressing her “dislike” for you.

This tells me that I should have a mole inside Queer Action. Audio recording might be nice but then I already can imagine what Curley is saying about me.

Apparently I’ve stuck in Ms. Curley’s craw somewhat. Good. I’m glad she remembers me. I’m so glad I’m still causing her so much grief nearly nine months later.

Then the following quote. One thing I hadn’t mentioned much in prior posts was because someone had created a Facebook profile in my name and posted a horrid screed against the leadership of Queer Action of RI. It was really right from the gutter. Well, the members of Queer Action who confronted me didn’t want to believe that I was the recipient of a smear campaign.

Read on:

Yeah heather actually did the same to me. She made a fake profile of someone and was attacking a group page I manage, {REDACTED}. Then Monday she pretty much down graded my {REDACTED} in front of new members and said … was poisonous and that she wanted to “vote” on his/her membership. I mean it’s a grassroots organization, there is no such thing! She’s (Curley) been going on this massive destructive power trip. Actually my SO trade marked the name so people could be safe in the group and Curley wouldn’t be able to “vote” them out. We shouldn’t have to worry about that or even be dealing with the things we are getting now. She’s (Curley) going to different groups exploiting us and Other members. It’s all ridiculous and immature.

So it appears that I’m not the ONLY one who Curley has done this to, as she’s now repeated the same behavior with another person.

With that note I’d like to thank that person on Facebook who told me all this. I knew that eventually the truth would come out in this matter and that it was Curley the whole time.

11 thoughts on “Interesting tidbit on Facebook regarding the Queer Action Debacle of a few months ago

  1. Heather Curley has been slandering certain member’s names in the community, e-mailing countless individuals and claiming that certain members of her group are “convicted felons with long rap sheets”.

    Certain members of her group found photos of her making anti-gay signs and hanging them around Providence, to brig support to her cause. When the members confronted Curley at a meeting, she became outraged and ousted them from the group. She then started to defame their name’s in order to justify her actions.

    She is referring to one member who was the victim of a bias-motivated arrest because of his sexuality. She has been exploiting this member’s personal life on the internet and to individuals in the LGBT community. She is also making false accusations of perjury committed within her group by former members.

    She is out of control and sliding down down a very dangerous road.

  2. It’s drama that Tony is involving himself in. He’s not involved….there’s no need to feel bad for him.
    Why would you do this? In light of the recent shootings why would you incite this andger against an individual? This has nothing to do with you Tony.
    And they know what happened between you and Heather. They are using you and you are letting them.

  3. The whole group of Queer Action can and will verify these truths if need be and reiterate the fact that Steven Phipps and Lauren Green were kicked out of the group due to constant immaturity, drama and an attempt to oust the current leader through slander due to their power hungry perceptions, mindset and severe psychological issues. Get the facts straight, thanks.

  4. Any further questions or comments can be addressed to the group of 10 + people who will vouche that each of these indivuals have severe psychological issues and thus, were removed from the group by majority vote. Any further slander will result in legal action.

    Thank you.

  5. I can third that. Heather is waay out of control and on a path to no good. She is taking such thing as QA way to serious and just needs to let the cards fall where they may. I hope for her sake she backs off because I fear for her at this point.


  6. How did you guys suddenly diagnose group members with having severe psychological issues? Anyone in your group a registered LICSW or psychologist? Sounds to me like the only drama is the one that you guys create, by saying people have mental issues. You’re all reaching for straws to justify your actions. The RI gay community knows how irreverent Queer Action is, which is why no one goes to your events. The last one I went to had about 30 people there, and sloppily put together. You guys didn’t even match in uniform. No one really got it.

  7. Oh look, another issue with Heather Curley. Didn’t she have to undergo anger management? I know she was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

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