Yet Another Former Queer Action Member Contacts Me

The story gets more interesting as the days go by. At first I thought it was just myself and one other party who caught the misplaced wrath of Heather Curley but yet another situation has now presented itself. The author of the email has given me full permission to post his non-redacted message and image so I’ll do so without haste.

I read you current blog concerning Heather Curley of the former Queer Action of RI. I am currently on of the members who was ousted by Ms. Curley after I discovered a sign she had made which contained anti-gay rhetoric. When I confronted her, she ousted me from the group and publicly slandered my name. She then has emailed various members of the gay community and other individuals telling them that “Queer Action had to part ways because (I) am a convicted felon with a long rap sheet.” I was arrested once, over a year ago and the case dismissed, because the police department made up evidence and arrested me because I was one of the few openly gay police officer’s in my area.

With that said, I have attached a photo of Mr. Curley emailing members of the community and concerning my personal life. She has gone far and above, even commenting member’s parent’s.

I attached the picture of a screen shot of her email. I redacted last name’s and identifying names. I don’t know if this interests you, but I saw your youtube video concerning Ms. Curley and your recent blog post.

Yes that’s right, the individual in question is a former police officer. Curley keeps dancing around people who could cause her some serious harm to her reputation . I know her field of work and that field interacts with police on occasion. It wouldn’t be cute if the local ORI’s in the state knew about what she was doing.

Here’s his image capture from Curley’s FB statements:

Curley Facebook Post
Curley Facebook Post

Her M.O. appears to be character assassination. Isn’t that special. I hope she knows she can get in trouble for the things she’s posting, both on facebook and posting around the area.

Keep watching because I have a feeling I’m going to get an avalanche of former Queer Action participants who have stories about Ms. Curley.

14 thoughts on “Yet Another Former Queer Action Member Contacts Me

  1. Dear Tony,
    I am asking you politely to remove my name from your blog. You are once again obsessing over me and slandering my name. You have no idea what is going on in Queer Action and have disgruntled members flocking to you due to knowing about my issues with you in the past. If you do not remove the tag with my name on it I will report you to wordpress and once again have to go to the Providence Police regarding you.
    I stand by what I said regarding that individual. he was asked to leave QA for forging documents. He has current charges against him and he was never a police officer. You are giving him a platform to spew lies. I would ask that next time you research things and maybe even ask the other side what is going on.

    This will be the last time I comment on your blog. Remove my name or I will report it to wordpress and the police. Thank you.

  2. Tony, why are you getting involved? You should be the better person and step back. If you really cared about equality you would be trying to empower people on your side instead of sporeading lies about them. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. There’s a massive amount of slander going on in Queer Action as we speak and misinformation presented by members of the group who have now been lifted from membership. Queer action did in fact make signs in an effort to illustrate to people (both glbtq and straight) what the community sees and deals with everyday, at NOM rallies, in homophobic communities, etc. It was a campaign in an effort on our part to raise awareness of what youth and adults see and hear on a regular basis, to end bullying and to motivate people to fight for their rights because the glbtq community in RI has been very passive in the activism spectrum. The campaign was a respectful mechanism to get people motivated to fight for their rights, that generated people to take action in events in the RI movement and whereas, glbtq’s in RI are usually more passive, they finally became passionate about the issues. Steven Phipps was removed from the group because of his continuous slander of members of the group with unwarranted drama and lies he made up about individuals in order to unjustifiably oust Queer Action leaders. As you know, we’re an organization based on the fight and effort to gain equality and no organization can function on slander and continuous negative distractions. Steven also failed to mention the majority of the group partook in the campaign and not one or two members or just any one leader, as he stated. I decided to write you because Queer Action works undoubtedly hard for the rights of the glbtq community and these unwarranted and gross falsehood attacks on the groups definitely need to be justified and explained. Heather was and is the founder of Queer Action and owns the name, which the group is more than happy to allow her to possess, with the exception of a few individuals who wish to undermine the fight for activism with slander and power/control issues and who are now removed from the group. The organization would never make any attempts to disrespect or hinder the movements of the glbtq community and the reasoning behinds the signs were about a movement and a campaign so please don’t be mislead by slander and misinformation.

  4. What you guys did did not bring attention to any issues. You just added to anti-gay signs already in existence. What did you do with the signs? Did you guys release a press statement? Any photos of the signs? I don’t really remember anything happening with your signs…so did you just hang the signs and let people’s imaginations run wild?

  5. Um, Jocylen, I thought that I was the founder of Queer Action? Yet again, Ms. Curley shows her lack of professionalism and totalitarian tactics.

    —DISLAIMER– I have checked the IP address this comment and many others and have come to the conclusion that this is NOT Susan Heroux.

  6. Jocylen, you are in no position to “diagnose” any members of QA with any kind of mental or psychological disorder(s). From what I remember, you were homeless, living in a tent on the beach and bathing in the ocean. When and if I require your “expertise” on psychological disorders, I’ll make sure to drop some change in your cup.

    Until then, please feel free to continue littering the streets of Rhode Island with anti-gay hate signs and then attempting to justify them months later, and do your community proud.

  7. It was a flop. One sign went up accompanied by statistics. Lauren Green, Jerilyn Sawyer, Jocelyn and Heather participated. The sign blew away. People knew about the signs the idea was presented in September to QA. The group thought it was radical. So the 4 of us along with another member made the signs hung them up. They blew away no one saw them.
    Steven has decided to ruin QA’s name because he tried to take control of the group and people didn’t like that. He along with the whole group knew about the signs since Sept.

    If you would like anymore info on the signs you can come to QA’s next meeting which will be held next week. Please contact hcurley11@yahoo for details of the next mtg. We will be happy to discuss the signs.

  8. Steven sounds like a whiny little bit{h.. When I read his posts all I see is wwwwaaaahhhhh!!!!

  9. And you complain about people talking about your personal stuff and then you go and do it to jocelyn. once again, biggity bit{h

    1. I don’t know who you are but you’ve got your facts very wrong. Who is jocelyn? She’s a friend on FB but that’s as far as I know her.

  10. I’m not the founder nor the leader of Queer Action. I am merely a member. Also no one is diagnosing anyone with psychological issues. But I for one did not feel safe in a group with a member who absolutely frightened me and still does. I’m not going back and forth any longer.

  11. So is this guy a convicted felon or does he have current charges against him? The two are very different. Which one is it?

  12. I’m not the founder of Queer Action. And I doubt if that is Susan posting. Check the IP on that post.

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