My most popular post

It’s the one about the Kapar Carr – Street Thief. I’m in awe that this log seems to e the one most found on searches about the movie but a little chagrined that it’s all that this blog seems to be recognized for doing.

One thought on “My most popular post

  1. Sadly the post that I get the most hits for is the one about Daniel Radcliffe’s (aka “Harry Potter”) proclamation that he’s an atheist. People keep searching for his nudie pics. The one I have isn’t nude, of course, but it’s good eye-candy for the guys and I mention in the post that he did go nude on stage so that seems to be what draws people in from around the globe. While I’m glad something is bringing people in and hopefully getting people to look around more, I only wish it was one of my more substantial posts.

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