Something that popped into my head, a 4 day work week

Why the hell not mandate it at the federal level? Think of the energy savings not just for the business but the employees as well since they wouldn’t have to waste fuel to get to work and then back home.

Think about the medical if you will, the mental health of people. Think about how calm most holiday weekends can be and imagine 52 of them each year.

It could work I tell you. It could work and we’d be as productive if not more so. And while I’m at it, same gross pay for 4 days as if you worked 5.

Yeah, we could do it.

A couple of others I’d like to see turned into full holidays. How about Election days? Both primary and general, and nationals too. What would that do for voter turnout?

How about it isn’t just the Fed and State government who recognize the holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.? That would be progress.

5 thoughts on “Something that popped into my head, a 4 day work week

  1. I used to think a federal holiday for general elections was a good thing. Either that or move the elections to a Saturday. But now with early voting, and mail-in voting, there is just no need for it any longer. Too busy to vote during poll hours on election day? Just mail it in. Problem solved.

  2. It won’t work – Americans are very suspicious of idle time, they are supposed to work more not less. And ‘lazy government workers’ while the rest of work – forget it ! No one would allow this.

    1. Actually it’s the old Protestant work ethic. But that can no longer be viewed as acceptable. We need a strong labor movement in this country, one that pushes this.

      And as far as lazy government workers, I was one for five years of my life. Not lazy at all. In fact I did a lot to move public information along.

  3. Some federal agencies (eg VA) offer every other Monday off. Employees work 9*9 instead of 8*10. VA employees who don’t have to deal with customers or patients are eligible.

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