Sick of snow already

So Providence is now at 45 inches so far this season. This will be a second record. I’d predict we get close to 80 inches of total snowfall this season.

Now once again, snow removal has been an abject failure. The sidewalks throughout the city, with the exception of downtown Providence are horrid.

Despite all the new mayor had promised, I don’t see anyone getting fined, or any real effort to clear sidewalks. And I’ve been getting strident with my city councilor about this.

I have heard that snow removal budgets are getting strained. But what did they do with the money on the lean snow years? They should have socked it away to use when the eventuality of lots of snow came again. But no, it gets robbed to pay Paul or Peter or whatever.

So the only option is to publicly shame them. From Mayor Taveras to Councilman Principe – you both have a lot to learn. And I’ll be there to school you all the way.

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