The week in review

Picked up a 40″ LCD 1080p set for $359. It’s an Element Electronics ELCHW402. Price was right and it’s hooked up to my Wii at the moment. I installed the Netflix player on the Wii and I love it. But I wish hulu, pandora, etc. worked but the resources on the Wii fall just short due to the fact that it uses Flash 7 and the services I’d like to use are now Flash 9.

Probably end up picking up a Roku box. And I’ve been experimenting with the antenna location. If I elevate the indoor antenna to just above the television I pull all the Providence and Boston based stations. But I can sneak a mast and a stepper based rotator controlled by an Arduino out back and snake 75 Ohm cable to it and probably pull stations from Connecticut too though there is that BIG valley that might prevent that.

But Keyron loves it, he’s watched Netflix on it pretty consistently and he gets his daily dose of The View too.

Me, I mostly play games or watch PBS on it. It’ll be a shame if they kill the funding for CPB which is the funding arm of PBS. Right now I’m working my way through Wii Super Mario Brothers. I love this game. Seriously, love it. And I bought $50 worth of Wii Points and installed Xevious on it too. Yeah, the old 8 bit games rocked.

Had three snow days this week. Three! Of course with a net and VPN connection I can still work so it really doesn’t count as a snow day.

But it’s as thought we no sooner dig out and we get more snow dumped on us. It’s ridiculous this year. Last tally brings us to 45 inches total for the season so far.

It’s to the point where there is no place left to put the snow after you’ve shoveled it out.

And I suspect all this snow will probably contribute to some flooding come spring.

4 thoughts on “The week in review

  1. Hubby is into gadgets so he got Apple TV for his “office” and loves it. This in addition to Roku in the living roomand a Visio with built in wifi in the bed room. Then there’s satellite and broadcast TV and iPod downloads, DVD’s and Blueray; I don’t know exactly how many remotes we have, but each additional device is an exponential challenge…for me.

    1. There is a poll on today about how many microprocessors you have in your home. I started counting, am up to 28 already and I haven’t included the ones in the vcr, stereo, and cd changer. Even my Western Electric 1D2 pay phone has a CPU in it. Rudimentary of course, but it’s there.

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