Whales and Dolphins return to NYC and the East Coast

This is great news. The great mammals are appearing just off the Verrazano Bridge. Whales most of the year, and dolphins June through September.

The experts say it’s due to cleaner water and anti-hunting laws. But I’ll expand on that, I say the food supply supports those creatures.

The reason behind that is because over the past decade we’ve been cutting back on fishing the eastern seaboard. It’s been terrible for the fishermen but we needed to do so, otherwise we’d have fished several species to extinction. People don’t realize that the vast majority of fish that they buy today is farmed, not fished.

You also have to remember, while the fish stocks are coming back, so too the smaller critters that the whales feed on.

So this is all around good news as far as I’m concerned. We’ll now avoid the future of Star Trek with any luck!

4 thoughts on “Whales and Dolphins return to NYC and the East Coast

  1. I’m not sure about the “vast majority” of fish bought coming from fish farms. I insist Greg buy farm-raised fish at the supermarket, but he can rarely find any. Occasionally we can get some catfish, and maybe some talapia, but that’s it. All the salmon, tuna, sole, mahi-mahi, and cod we eat is wild-caught.

  2. In the summer when I take the ferry from Boston to Provincetown its not uncommon to see either dolphins or (more commonly) whales. I believe last year there were also seals, but I might be imagining that.

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