Interesting data regarding Republicans disdain among other things, public transit.

First let me relate something I thought of some time ago. I think the reason you see so much racism in the suburbs is because there just isn’t enough population density to draw different peoples.

And this song popped up on my iPod today. It’s by Machine called “There But For the Grace of God”

One of the lines from the song goes “Lets find a place they say, somewhere far away, with no blacks, no Jews and no gays!”

When this song was recorded, NYC had plenty of each. I really dislike the line btw, as I have friends that are Jewish, a partner who is black, and I’m gay!

Anyhow, check out the graphs here.

Yeah, the higher population density the more they tend to vote Democrat. It’s because we’re exposed to those blacks, Jews and gays more often and we realize they’re normal people, just like us and that there’s no reason for irrational hatred.

The prevailing attitude in the sparsely settled suburbs is one that I term “Fuck you, I got mine!”

And it’s evident in the way they treat others, and how they don’t support infrastructure projects like rail.

So interesting.

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