Month: January 2011

New hope for Electric Vehicles

First take a look at this, it was done by Deutsche Bank regarding the price of batteries, in particular Lithium-Ion:

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The prices start reaching their lowest payback point around 4 years from now and best with government subsidies. I’ve been saying all along that subsidies were needed to move us to a post petroleum age.

And there’s also a rumor that Rolls Royce may be producing an electrified limousine.

Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

Movie Nights Proposal

So on the way home with our friends Nick and Beth, Nick and I were discussing potential movie night themes.

I’m thinking of making it special. Now that I’ve bought a 40″ LCD 1080P HDTV with more inputs than you can shake a stick at. It has HDMI, VGA, Component, Composite, and Coaxial. In essence you can connect anything to this new set.

But I got it for $350. My budget for a new television was $800 so that leaves me $450. What could I do with that? Perhaps buy a decent projector and a screen and a blue-ray disc player for maybe $100 or so more than that. Yeah, I think I might just do that.

While reading the list you’ll notice items with a *, followed by a number after the first *. There are notes at the bottom why those particular movies tickled me.

As to themes here’s some of what we came up with:

1) Monty Python
And Now For Something Completely Differnet
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Monty Python’s Life of Brian
Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life *
Time Bandits *A

2) Future Dystopic
Soylent Green *1
Planet of the Apes (1968)
Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)
Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)
Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)

3) Blake Edwards
The Pink Panther
A Shot in the Dark
The Return of the Pink Panth
The Pink Panther Strikes Again *2
Revenge of the Pink Panther
Trail of the Pink Panther
Curse of the Pink Panther
Son of the Pink Panther

4) Mel Brooks
The Producers
The Twelve Chairs
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein *3
Silent Movie
High Anxiety
History of the World, Part I
Life Stinks
Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Dracula: Dead and Loving It

5) Robert Zemeckis
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Used Cars
Romancing the Stone
Back to the Future *4
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Back to the Future Part II *5
Back to the Future Part III *6
Death Becomes Her
Forrest Gump
What Lies Beneath
Cast Away
The Polar Express
A Christmas Carol

6) Kevin Smith
Clerks *7
Chasing Amy
Dogma *8
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Jersey Girl
Clerks II *9
Cop Out

So there you have it, five directors and one actual theme, 50+ movies.


* – The Meaning of Life, from Mr. Creosote to the birth segment, to the universe segment it’s great movie.

*A – Time Bandits is included since it had so many of the Python troop in it you couldn’t leave it out. And it’s funny. Crass consumerism playing into the hands of an inept devil. Come on, how can that not be funny?

*1 – It’s people, seriously, Soylent Green is made from people. Talk about dystopic future!

*2 – The pathos of Chief Inspector Dreyfus is fantastic in this movie. The very soul of depravity, right down to the winking eye at the end when he disintegrates himself.

*3 – Young Frankenstein is one of the best send up’s of Mary Shelley’s original that I’ve ever seen. Peter Boyle as the monster is absolutely hilarious, as is Gene Wilder playing it straight, and I-Gor played by Marty Feldman.

*4, *5, and *6 – All that mucking about with time travel in a DeLorean. What’s the hell is NOT to like here?

*7 , *9 – The Clerks movies are a gut buster. Just when you thought Clerks was bad, along comes Clerks II. Two words from that last, Kinky Kelly.

*8 – Dogma – come on, the fact that Smith actually went out and protested his own movie to get into the heads of the idiots makes this guy stand out. And his playin Silent Bob in the Jay and Silent Bob movies, priceless.

My most popular post

It’s the one about the Kapar Carr – Street Thief. I’m in awe that this log seems to e the one most found on searches about the movie but a little chagrined that it’s all that this blog seems to be recognized for doing.

NOM’s RI Ad: Dead wrong as usual

Watch the ad and then I’ll pick it apart.

I note NOM has blocked me from commenting on their YouTube videos. A pity so now I’ll just call them out on the blog, and email them to Maggie Gallagher.

Ok, here’s the pick-apart:

NOM is playing apples to oranges here. Not only are they comparing the gubernatorial race to the lieutenant gubernatorial race, but they completely discount one little fact when they say Governor Chafee doesn’t have a mandate.

There were SEVEN candidates for governor. So NOM had more than enough opportunity to field candidates, I don’t know why they are crying about this now. And as to the Lieutenant Governor’s race, Elizabeth Roberts won re-election by 54.5%.

NOM is dead wrong. Even their assertion that 80% of RI’ers want this on the ballot. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I got the survey call on this performed by Quest Research. They’re a local polling company. It’s a company that still uses an email address, how much more fly-by-night could you get when it’s $5 to $6 a month to host your own domain. The owner is a man by the name of Victor Profughi. Mr. Profughi holds a Phd in political science.

Anyhow here’s some interesting reading about the studies (Multiples) conducted by Profughi and Quest Research:

It turns out that the polls in question were commissioned by NOM-RI, the group opposing same-sex marriage. Christopher C. Plante, the group’s executive director, said there were three surveys done by Quest Research, which is based in Rhode Island.

I joked that the 80 was a transposition error. But the questions are in fact loaded to the gills. A loaded question leads the respondent to answer in the way in which the pollster wants them to answer.

Most people are dumb-fuck ignorant about what it takes to get a question on the ballot here in RI. We don’t have citizen initiative here which I consider a blessing as we’ve seen the idiocy of the citizen initiative process in both California and New Hampshire.

But the smoking gun is who sponsored the surveys. It was Christopher Plante of NOM that did so. Now if Profughi and Co. had just gone out and surveyed for the hell of it, they’d probably do a sample size a little more than 400 people. But that’s all that answered the ‘survey’. I think they made some extrapolation errors too. I also believe that of the 400, about 399 came from NOM’s mailing list in the state.

So NOM is totally off base with this ad. But do contact the Governors office at 401-222-2080, the Speaker’s office at 401-222-2447 (He shares this line with Majority Leader Matiello.) and the Senate President’s office at 401-222-6655. You can also email the Speaker as and the Senate President at

Let them know that as usual, NOM is full of shit.

The Alleged Moral Superiority of the Religious

So a Facebook friend posted the following:

From Focus on the Family’s talking points on Marriage:

– Marriage provides important benefits to society that no other institution can. Marriage:
– Regulates sexuality. Marriage establishes sexual guardrails, which remain a requirement for all successful societies.

To which I responded:

I’m just curious what a sexual guardrail is? Is it one where you’ll be fucked if you run into it?

Then this person by the name of Chaplain John Amaral says:

Tony it is good that you can respond ………is it necessary to use that king of language……..

Now I’m all “WTF?” Here is the rest of the thread:

Tony: Yes it’ necessary. Look, I don’t care if it offends you, I’m going to say what I wanted to say.

Chaplain John Amaral: you live in a free country ……language shows character and how vain a person is….so you are free ……use it…so don not let me stop you from using your wisdom …………

Tony: Oh please, you know where you can stuff the vanity right? And trying to be cutesy with that wisdom thing. Come off it. Take your sidekick God and have a nice day.

Notice the air of moral superiority in the Chaplain’s last response. And then the condescension with that last bit about wisdom.

I couldn’t resist telling him where he could stuff it.

I really, really, really hate when someone with a religious title tries to belittle me for stating it how it is. Irks me to no end. Hence this blog post.

Astronomical Point

You may have looked up at the southern sky recently and at around 5PM or so noticed the moon and immediately to the left or below it a rather bright looking star.

It isn’t a star. The bright thing is Jupiter.

Which reminds me of the Earth Wind & Fire song by the same name.

Searching in the sky one night, while looking for the moon
I viewed a mighty light approching in a zoom
Need was there to tell someone of my discovery
Fifteen seconds later, a light appeared in front of me
To my surprise, there stood a man with age and mystery
His name was jupiter and came to visit me

The name is jupiter, from the galaxy
I came to meet you, to make you free
Deliver to you a flower from
A distant planet, from where I come

Keep your eye on jupiter, such beauty in the sky
We will wait for your return in the by & by
Keep your eye on jupiter, memories we shall fulfill
Just to view a brighter day, and do a righteous will

Watching and considering my visual state of mind
The flower fragrance help reveal to me the sign
The sigh of love, I had confessed to live and really know
The sign of love which I had failed my fellowman to show

The name is jupiter, from the galaxy
I came to meet you, to make you free
Deliver to you a flower from
A distant planet, from where I come

The name is jupiter, from the galaxy
I came to meet you, to make you free
Deliver to you a flower from
A distant planet, from where I come

Comments may appear larger in this mirror

It has come to my attention that several comments on the thread regarding you know who were all from the same IP address located in Westport, MA.

One of the people who sent me the story of their leaving Queer Action is also in Westport. I think there’s a strong correlation that leads me to believe that commenter Susan Heroux is not actually the real Susan Heroux.

I did have a conversation with you know who this evening. I explained that I don’t necessarily hate her but she and her actions did irritate me to some degree. Very pleasant conversation actually, not confrontational at all. I was all ready for a battle royale and was surprised.

I’m leery about all of it. So from this point forward there will be no mention of the matter on this blog. I’ve turned comments off on the other threads.

I’m not doing an act of contrition here but there’s just a little bit of doubt in my head right now about who’s telling the truth and who’s telling fibs. So the best course of action is to get it out here and now and be done with it.

And if WordPress deems to suspend this blog again, I will retain legal counsel.