Month: January 2011

Holiday Trip Part II

I won’t go day by day here, just highlights:

We visited the house in Gum Neck. Keyron brought a few homemade quilts home from there.

We also visited Vera in the new digs in Weeksville.  It’s near the USCG base in Elizabeth City.

But the journey back was interesting. Number one, I no longer trust miss Navigator. She likes to lead you down the primrose path, telling you to take a right where none exists, etc. Halfway through the journey home I shut the GPS unit off and just followed signs for I-95.  Keyron was getting nervous but I assured him I’ve been tip to tip on I-95.  So I know how to get home if I can find I-95.

But here’s something I note. We’d  been in the City of Providence for not more than twenty minutes when three separate incidents happened.

1) Heading down Broadway toward Olneyville (Broadway and Messer St.) when a guy pulls into the RIGHT lane and then cuts me off to turn onto Messer.

2) I get down in Olneyville and I’ve got the green light at Valley St. As I’m going through a guy comes charging through the red side. Asshole!

3) At the intersection of Atwells and Valley. I’m on Valley waiting to turn left onto Atwells. I get the green left turn arrow and proceed. Asshole across from me thinks it’s ok for him to go too.

That’s 3 in the space of 20 minutes. Interestingly that’s one every 6.6666666 minutes.