Glenn Beck In A Cape (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Beck has now crossed the rim of the abyss and is solidly in the deep end of crazed. How did a guy like him land a show on TV? He’s barely educated, and crazy. Wait, that seems to be a Fox News characteri­stic too.

And Colbert’s take down of Bill O’Reilly’s little tides go in, tides go out speech is great, especially that comparison to St. Thomas Aquinas both having ideas from the 13th century.
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3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck In A Cape (PHOTO, VIDEO)

  1. This man seems to spew a steady stream of nonsense only off-set by offensive hate-speech poorly passed off as pious convictions. I really just wish he would go away.

    The only comfort I find w/ regards to Beck, Hannity, et al is that there maelevolent speech is being recorded for posterity.

  2. Oops… I submitted too soon.

    What I meant is their stands on social issues like immigration, GLBT rights, etc… I believe will be viewed with a critical eye.

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