When NIBYISM is perverted by Corporate Greed

We see a lot of examples of Not In My Backyard or NIMBYISM. From schools, to pot distribution centers, etc. people with few facts decide to oppose it just on the principle that it hurts their pride, feelings, etc.

We’re seeing such occur in North Kingstown, RI right now over wind turbines. You hear cries of “They’re noisy.” or “They’re dangerous!”

Granted, there is a minimal risk but North Kingstown isn’t necessarily densely populated at 603 people per square mile.

So who’s really pushing the moratorium? Think for a moment what wind turbines represent. Limitless green energy, one that a certain entity I’m about to expose cannot tolerate.

That entity, National Grid. They’re behind this, stirring the emotional pot in order to preserve their ever rising costs for electric service here in RI, or did we not notice the ocean based wind project at 25 cents a kWh? Come on.

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