A converstion with some legislators

Apparently my emails have struck a nerve with some legislators, in particular Karen MacBeth and Spencer Dickinson.

The former responded to my emails, the latter called me.

The former supports marriage equality while the latter does not.

My conversation with Dickinson was interesting. He does not support marriage equality but he would like to see it as a referendum. I spent about a half hour talking to him, explaining that a referendum wouldn’t be the way to go since the likes of NOM have millions to spend on media campaigns.

Even Dickinson mentioned he’s been getting more negative calls about marriage equality than supportive. I mentioned that he probably received the MERI postcards but his opponent got them and he tried to write it off as people who would have voted for his opponent until I reminded him that when people filled out those cards, they were then district matched by MERI and forwarded on to the legislator.

Dickinson also brought up Victor Profughi. I told him about the sampling for NOM and Dickinson was surprised. He said for about $2K I could sponsor a poll with Profughi. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna pay that hack any money. I could just setup a robodialer and randomly pull from the Voter database. It’d cost less and I’d get a more reliable answer.

Another thing Dickinson was surprised when I told him I was not directly affiliated with any group. Granted I’ve supported Marriage Equality RI but they don’t dictate my actions at all. I told him I’m just tired of the same old crap all the time and it’s time we vote this one way or the other.

I hate to say this here but Dickinson is around my fathers age and if there’s one thing I know about that age group, it’s the self righteousness in the face of logic.

I posted about the conversation on Facebook and got a reply from a friend who’d run against Dickinson and who is considering doing it again. I told him to go for it.

One thought on “A converstion with some legislators

  1. “My conversation with Dickinson was interesting. He does not support marriage equality but he would like to see it as a referendum.”

    How would he like to see his civil rights put on a referendum? Let the People Vote!

    Funny how they’re so cavalier about our rights, but insist theirs are inalienable. Gah!

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