More on RI Senator Maher

From his official bio on his legislature site:

Senator Francis (Frank) T. Maher Jr. has lived in Exeter since 1995 with his wife of 15 years and their son, Patrick. He has been committed to community and public service that has resulted in extensive experience with both public and private organizations. His wide range of interests serves his constituents well. Sen. Maher considers it an honor to represent the towns of Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Richmond and West Greenwich in the Rhode Island Senate.

My condolences to those in Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Richmond and West Greenwich for having such an out of balance asshole as a state senator.

Senator Maher, a proud product of the public schools, is a vocal supporter of the school systems. He has studied a variety of topics, including environment and emergency medicine.

If we go by Maher’s definition of study, I’m a veritable Rhodes scholar compared to him. Emergency medicine? So is that what he did after 1998?

Prior to his election to the Assembly, Sen. Maher was very active in town government and served on the Exeter Public Safety Advisory Board and the Exeter/West Greenwich School Committee. His tenure on those boards gave him considerable insight into local and state government and the education system.

I’ll just bet he was. I can imagine the Exeter Public Safety Advisory board is a hotbed of law enforcement in the state. And as to his time on the school committee, I doubt he got a hell of a lot more insight into state government since all he interfaced with is probably the RI Dept. of Education.

Maher currently represents District 34 as the Senior Deputy Minority Leader. His background in the study of environment and health issues will be useful in his positions on the Senate Committee on Environment and Agriculture and Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. He has also been assigned to the Senate Committee on Government Oversight.

Senior Deputy Minority Leader? When there are only about a half dozen repugs in the entire legislature it doesn’t take much to attain such heights.

He’s on Environment and Agriculture, HHS, and Oversight? I’d love to see how he explains his major gaps in oversight to be honest.

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