Month: March 2011

My Conversation with Rep. Michael Tarro

I had said it would take me a while to process all that happened in that 25 minute conversation.

Let us start with my observations:

1) Tarro seems to be parroting the NOM line, right down to in so many words saying a referendum would legitimize it more so than a vote in the house. What? Reminds me of my conversation with Rep. Dickinson some time bac.

2) Tarro says his sister is gay and partnered and she doesn’t support marriage equality. What? Wait, lets find out who his sister is. A quick search of the Voter Registration database yields the following. I searched for birth years in the 1960’s:


My methodology on this was simple. Find all the female relatives born within 3 to 5 years of Rep. Tarro himself. Then cross reference the street addresses with other voters. That above is the most LIKELY set of candidates. So if anyone knows Donna Tarro, please let me know if my database skills are intact, since I’d like to know if I found the right person. If so let her know I’d like to speak with her and find out WHY she opposes marriage equality.

He basically did the standard political speak which I found exceedingly interesting. He’s an estate planning attorney which explains WHY he has graciously offered to fill out all the power of attorney and other paperwork for gay and lesbian couples.

I told him how I debunked NOM’s 80% of RI voters wanting to see the question of marriage equality on a ballot. Then I asked if he knew what percentage of those who voted for him also supported marriage equality. I think I might reach out to the folks at Marriage Equality RI to do a little digging of all the registered supporters in the district because Tarro thinks only 25% support marriage equality.

And I have a little refund check in my hands which I might use to setup a SurveyMonkey pro account and then spend a little more posting take-one fliers all over the district asking people to vote Yes/No on if they support marriage equality. Maybe qualify it a little more, as if they voted in the 2010 or 2008 elections. That way I could correlate the voters from non-voters and get real numbers out the other end.

Overall Tarro seems like an interesting guy. And I do think I should offer my professional services to help him out with his email and web services because they’re both seriously broken. I figure we can do a quid pro quo arrangement, I’ll fix that stuff for him, he’ll do all the paperwork for me.

Educational Reform and how we’re doing it wrong in the U.S.

This isn’t something I normally write about but education is something in which I have a very strong interest.

I guess part of the reason I have that interest is because I’m a political creature. While most people follow sports religiously, I follow the political religiously.

And I see No Child Left Behind as the ultimate insult to both teachers and students in the United States.

Here’s a write up on how we do it wrong in the U.S. Very interesting points in there.

The article closes with “Will our leaders be willing to take that step? Or will we devolve into a third class power because we have neglected our most important resource for creating a first-class system of education?”

As one of those upcoming leaders, I will take this seriously. I want the U.S. to be a paragon of education, where intelligence is celebrated, not denigrated. I want a living wage for teachers that isn’t 40% below industry wage. I want teachers in the U.S. to have the right to organize and bargain collectively.

One of the ways we can change things is the teacher evaluation. I present something I feel is a very good article on the subject, and leave with this:

One simple question I regularly ask myself is one suggested by Marvin Marshall, a noted writer on positive classroom management strategies. He recommends that teachers ask: If I were a student, would I want me as a teacher?

Would I want myself as a teacher? Hell no. I’d be pretty vicious as a teacher because I’d expect more from my students.

Fuck You Rep. Michael Tarro

Yes I’m one of your constituents you prick. You say you won’t vote for marriage equality but you will help gay people craft the legal paperwork for free?

Bigot say what?

My first point, you’re going to be cranking out a whole lot of paper. I hope you’ve developed a Microsoft Word template and an Excel or Access database because you’ll need it if you don’t want to do search/replace on all the documents you’ll need for each couple.

And here’s where I lay it down. I want EVERYONE in RI to badger him about their free paperwork and his stance on marriage equality. I want us to be like white on rice with this son of a bitch.

Tarro, Michael A.
DOB 1963-04-22
425 Broadway Providence RI 02909
(All information from RI Central Voter Registration Database and RI Legislature web site.)

I need to start hanging at Seven Stars – and when I see him I need to taunt him. I didn’t vote for his ass and I surely don’t like him as a state rep. In fact, when he put his little “Thank You”‘s on his campaign signs after he won the primary I had a serious temptation but lack of funds. That temptation was to print up addendum on the same yellow paper that said “Yes, thank you. Now I can tear down the rest of the historic properties on Federal Hill and in the West End for more parking lots!”

In fact, I think I might do it anyway. I’ve got a laser printer and I can afford the paper and toner. Print up say 1,000 copies of my charge against him and tack it up everywhere.

Who the fuck does he think he is?

Majority of Catholics Support Same Sex Marriage

Contrary to what Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown and “Dr.” Jennifer Robach Morse would have you believe, Catholics are coming around on the issue of marriage equality.

A new poll released today finds a large majority of American Catholics — 71% — support civil marriage equality for same-sex couples. The report also finds that almost half of Catholics, 43%, support allowing gay couples to marry regardless of type of ceremony (civil or religious,) and 31% of American Catholics support allowing same-sex couples to have civil unions, and 74% believe that same-sex relationships should be accepted by society. Additionally, the report finds that a majority of American Catholics (56%) believe same-gender sexual relations is not a sin, as opposed to the teachings of their church.

71% I wonder though if the pope, you know, Benedict the XVI understands that he and his army of Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests are completely off the mark.

But this is great news, and I’m hoping we see a schism of the American Catholic church from the Church of Rome. That would be interesting to say the least.

New stuff and discoveries

And it is about time!

Got a nice dark brown leather loveseat for about 65% off full retail:

Leather Loveseat
Leather Loveseat

And a nice brown leather chaise again, 65% off retail.

The Leather Chaise
The Leather Chaise

Got a little extra break on the chaise because it was missing the legs. Well, when we got it in the house I had it flipped on it’s side and noticed a compartment underneath was a zipped on cover and a label that said “feet inside”

Sure enough, the feet were screwed into the frame of the chaise. Score!

Note too the resident feline, Angie, has laid claim to the chaise.

Still have to get the leather sofa that matches the loveseat, and the recliner which matches the chaise. But I’m doing this piecemeal. Actually I think the leather recliner will be next followed by the sofa.

Another discovery I made is that HDTV is disrupted by 2m radio transmissions at 5W of PEP power. It just freezes the frame on the TV. Looking at the frequencies for ATSC transmissions I see that the mid channels fall smack into the 4th order harmonics of the 2m amateur band.


The Anti-Union attitude in the United States

I’m always astounded by the anti-union attitudes of people in Rhode Island and the United States in general.

It is baseless when you come right down to it. Here is the thing, we had unions for at least 60 years before this whole economic thing started happening. We saw the rise of the middle class.

Once big business figured out that that rising middle class was a new target to make money on, they did. Until such time as they realized that they had t make more money and cut people off from their jobs in order to enhance the bottom line.

And what did they do? They shipped jobs to China, India, you name it. The basic shit holes of the world in essence. But I don’t believe it was just labor costs that forced the issue.

Instead I think things like the EPA and OSHA were partially responsible. Think about it, both China and India don’t really have an environmental and/or workplace safety organization like ours. Or at least they didn’t have them.

But back to my point, unions didn’t cause the destruction of this country. Big business did and as an extension, the corruption of government by big business did it.

And curiously we bought some new leather furniture today. Guess where it was made, China.