The Anti-Union attitude in the United States

I’m always astounded by the anti-union attitudes of people in Rhode Island and the United States in general.

It is baseless when you come right down to it. Here is the thing, we had unions for at least 60 years before this whole economic thing started happening. We saw the rise of the middle class.

Once big business figured out that that rising middle class was a new target to make money on, they did. Until such time as they realized that they had t make more money and cut people off from their jobs in order to enhance the bottom line.

And what did they do? They shipped jobs to China, India, you name it. The basic shit holes of the world in essence. But I don’t believe it was just labor costs that forced the issue.

Instead I think things like the EPA and OSHA were partially responsible. Think about it, both China and India don’t really have an environmental and/or workplace safety organization like ours. Or at least they didn’t have them.

But back to my point, unions didn’t cause the destruction of this country. Big business did and as an extension, the corruption of government by big business did it.

And curiously we bought some new leather furniture today. Guess where it was made, China.

4 thoughts on “The Anti-Union attitude in the United States

  1. I’m pretty sure that China and India have EPA-like and OSHA-like laws in place, but either do not enforce them or companies there just bribe the officials to overlook the violations. Why make something in America and have to follow all the rules when you can make it in China and save a ton of money by dumping your industrial waste directly in the nearest river?

    Have you heard of the company Anchor Hocking? They make glass bakeware. I saw some of their stuff at the store last night and they have a big logo on their packaging that says “Made in the USA” along with an American flag. What a rarity that is today!

  2. My one direct experience with a union was that the union was like a sex adict sticking its dick where it doesn’t belong(like in a bee hive).
    This was at the Apple Computer refurbishment department in Elk Grove CA. The pay was good for the type of work we were doing on macbooks (mostly, and other macs).
    a large-ish high-voltage electrical workers union wanted in on our low voltage simple screen, mainboard, chasis, and such replacement work.

    I felt that the pay was acceptable for the work we were doing. shortly after i left, i understand the union got the refurbishment department closed because management wouldn’t meet the union’s terms.
    Bees i say! bees to that union’s dicks!

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