New stuff and discoveries

And it is about time!

Got a nice dark brown leather loveseat for about 65% off full retail:

Leather Loveseat
Leather Loveseat

And a nice brown leather chaise again, 65% off retail.

The Leather Chaise
The Leather Chaise

Got a little extra break on the chaise because it was missing the legs. Well, when we got it in the house I had it flipped on it’s side and noticed a compartment underneath was a zipped on cover and a label that said “feet inside”

Sure enough, the feet were screwed into the frame of the chaise. Score!

Note too the resident feline, Angie, has laid claim to the chaise.

Still have to get the leather sofa that matches the loveseat, and the recliner which matches the chaise. But I’m doing this piecemeal. Actually I think the leather recliner will be next followed by the sofa.

Another discovery I made is that HDTV is disrupted by 2m radio transmissions at 5W of PEP power. It just freezes the frame on the TV. Looking at the frequencies for ATSC transmissions I see that the mid channels fall smack into the 4th order harmonics of the 2m amateur band.


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