Fuck You Rep. Michael Tarro

Yes I’m one of your constituents you prick. You say you won’t vote for marriage equality but you will help gay people craft the legal paperwork for free?

Bigot say what?

My first point, you’re going to be cranking out a whole lot of paper. I hope you’ve developed a Microsoft Word template and an Excel or Access database because you’ll need it if you don’t want to do search/replace on all the documents you’ll need for each couple.

And here’s where I lay it down. I want EVERYONE in RI to badger him about their free paperwork and his stance on marriage equality. I want us to be like white on rice with this son of a bitch.

Tarro, Michael A.
DOB 1963-04-22
425 Broadway Providence RI 02909
(All information from RI Central Voter Registration Database and RI Legislature web site.)

I need to start hanging at Seven Stars – and when I see him I need to taunt him. I didn’t vote for his ass and I surely don’t like him as a state rep. In fact, when he put his little “Thank You”‘s on his campaign signs after he won the primary I had a serious temptation but lack of funds. That temptation was to print up addendum on the same yellow paper that said “Yes, thank you. Now I can tear down the rest of the historic properties on Federal Hill and in the West End for more parking lots!”

In fact, I think I might do it anyway. I’ve got a laser printer and I can afford the paper and toner. Print up say 1,000 copies of my charge against him and tack it up everywhere.

Who the fuck does he think he is?

15 thoughts on “Fuck You Rep. Michael Tarro

  1. The hypocrisy and cowardice make me sick. Time to look very carefully at everyone’s voting record. Put it up there Tony because I vote and I have a long memory.

    1. So you’re Cox subscriber. I’ll have to make sure they get a copy of this.

      However, you can sit there and tell us all to fuck ourselves, or to suck it, but you don’t give any concrete examples of why Tarro is such a “good man”.

  2. Tarro’s a good guy. Your language is disgusting. He has three kids. You have no idea what you are talking about. The school needs to come down. The reason why the schools they just closed in providence arent reopening is because the city doesnt have the money to fix them. How do you think he and his family can. Why dont you ask the city how much money they are spending on lawyers to harrass this family who have lived there for over 50 yrs. That school has been vacant for over 35 yrs. Now everyone wants it fixed up.

    1. I don’t give a flying fuck whose delicate sensibilities I upset. I call them as I see them. When you try to override my rights I am going to use any language I wish to use. And if you noticed, I tell you flat out this blog isn’t for children. It’s for adults.

      So get over it. I don’t care if the family has been here for fifty years. When you start violating court and city orders you should be disbarred and arrested.

  3. We need to organize the hipsters at the next election. We certain out number the good ol’ boys. All he’s voted on is anti gay marriage and all he’s done is loot during natural disasters… what an outstanding character

  4. Although I don’t know all the facts I live close by to the school but I would find your case more convincing and serve Gays better if you could speak in civil and decent language because I think that cause just and you are denigrating Gays to speak so vulgarly in their behalf. Civil discourse and solving problems is not solved with flame throwers for discussion.

    1. Martha, I will say what I damned well want to say. Tarro is an ass, and the only way to get through to an ass is to call them one to their face and/or to ridicule them.

      And if by chance you can get criminal charges to stick, much the better.

  5. Marriage Equality RI will be running a slate of candidates against legislators who will not support marriage Equality/equal marriage rights for gays. Time to rouse the neighborhood and get the fair minded people of the neighborhood to vote. You can sign up for an email newsletter about the slate (still to be determined) by googling Marriage Equality Rhode Island. You can also volunteer to help in the upcoming campaigns.

  6. “Michael Tarro refused to tell citizens where he stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders.” … From the VoteSmart web page.

  7. You couldn’t find a phone number for that info up there? ._. Really, stuff happens and you can’t control other people’s opinions, believe me, I’ve tried. Instead of acting like a little kid and calling him names and threatening him, become an Activist. Sitting in front of your computer screen complaining and whining won’t do you any good. Just get up and DO something about it. Yes, he does sound hypocritical, I agree with you there.

    Let’s have a little bit of dignity and reason people. ._.

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