My Conversation with Rep. Michael Tarro

I had said it would take me a while to process all that happened in that 25 minute conversation.

Let us start with my observations:

1) Tarro seems to be parroting the NOM line, right down to in so many words saying a referendum would legitimize it more so than a vote in the house. What? Reminds me of my conversation with Rep. Dickinson some time bac.

2) Tarro says his sister is gay and partnered and she doesn’t support marriage equality. What? Wait, lets find out who his sister is. A quick search of the Voter Registration database yields the following. I searched for birth years in the 1960’s:


My methodology on this was simple. Find all the female relatives born within 3 to 5 years of Rep. Tarro himself. Then cross reference the street addresses with other voters. That above is the most LIKELY set of candidates. So if anyone knows Donna Tarro, please let me know if my database skills are intact, since I’d like to know if I found the right person. If so let her know I’d like to speak with her and find out WHY she opposes marriage equality.

He basically did the standard political speak which I found exceedingly interesting. He’s an estate planning attorney which explains WHY he has graciously offered to fill out all the power of attorney and other paperwork for gay and lesbian couples.

I told him how I debunked NOM’s 80% of RI voters wanting to see the question of marriage equality on a ballot. Then I asked if he knew what percentage of those who voted for him also supported marriage equality. I think I might reach out to the folks at Marriage Equality RI to do a little digging of all the registered supporters in the district because Tarro thinks only 25% support marriage equality.

And I have a little refund check in my hands which I might use to setup a SurveyMonkey pro account and then spend a little more posting take-one fliers all over the district asking people to vote Yes/No on if they support marriage equality. Maybe qualify it a little more, as if they voted in the 2010 or 2008 elections. That way I could correlate the voters from non-voters and get real numbers out the other end.

Overall Tarro seems like an interesting guy. And I do think I should offer my professional services to help him out with his email and web services because they’re both seriously broken. I figure we can do a quid pro quo arrangement, I’ll fix that stuff for him, he’ll do all the paperwork for me.

3 thoughts on “My Conversation with Rep. Michael Tarro

  1. People like Tarro worry me, because their opinions are shaped by groups like NOM. They get polished responses to questions and perspectives aimed at them from people like Chris Plante. Tarro will say anything to be on the right side of this issue, the right side being whatever side gets him re-elected and preserves his religious bona fides. He’s also apparently unafraid to throw his sister and her partner under the bus on this issue. He’s a political coward.

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