Maggie Gallagher needs new material

Her testimony before the Congressional committee this past Friday wasn’t all that interesting and you could tell she irritated a number of the members of the committee, including Rep. Nadler. He wasn’t having any of her shit.

But one thing about all her bleating is still present, she links everything to the children and how awful it would be for those children to have two gay parents who love and want the child. Or how awful that a 2nd or 3rd grader would have to find out that there are people out there that do fall in love with others of the same sex, oh the horror!

But other than that she has no new, credible evidence to support her claims. The anecdotes they use are from YEARS ago and there haven’t been any NEW cases since.

Beating a dead horse is one thing Maggie, but beating it until it’s a bloody pulp isn’t cute. And it’s about to get a whole lot less cute.

Apparently Ms. Gallagher was presented with the Anita Bryant Unparalleled Bigotry Award by Michael Dixon of GetEgual. And now Robin McGehee, Director of GetEqual has promised Ms. Gallagher a pie. I’ve suggested a Boston Creme pie. And I hope someone throws it in Gallagher’s face.

Of course there are those who say doing such a thing would be detrimental to our cause. But I can tell you a couple of things that might make you change your mind on that.

1) The only way to effectively deal with bigots like Gallagher is to ridicule them. The presentation of the Anita Bryant Unparalleled Bigotry award is an example of such. It’s the only watching Maggie try to duck away from the questions Dixon was asking was priceless. Of course Gallagher is doing it because she CAN’T answer.

2) The episode here in Providence where activists got up in Brian Browns face could only be milked so much.

So please, I urge you, throw the pie in Gallagher’s face.

5 thoughts on “Maggie Gallagher needs new material

  1. From Medieval theology I remember “The Devil can not be mocked”
    When we laugh at something – not a mean laugh but a laugh at the absurdity of it – it shrivels its power to nothing.
    No real pies are needed, just joy and laughter and mockery.

  2. ………When contemplating the white trash Lollapalooza that is the strange tale of Carrie Prejean this years Miss California and first runner-up to the Miss U.S.A. the Coming Storm of Gay Marriage its best to acknowledge the bikini-waxed elephant in the room which is that the National Organization for Marriage NOM considers a bleached blonde 21-year-old girl with artificially augmented breasts whos apparently never had a serious long-term relationship in her life to be the ideal spokesmodel for their cause…There weve said it. ..Cue the circus music and send in the clowns…Only in America would the notion of a nearly-naked fundamentalist Christian beauty queen tossing her processed hair as she parades brand new pageant-bought plastic breasts across a Las Vegas stage in front of millions of television viewers with all the modesty of a blue ribbon heifer at a county livestock fair the same fundamentalist Christian beauty queen who would later tell a television reporter that she heard God whispering in her ear as she answered a celebrity-worshipping Internet gossip columnists question about gay marriage be treated as anything other than an occasion for high comedy and mirth…Were these times any other than the politically charged times they are the subsequent media firestorm set off by Miss Prejeans carryings-on would be similarly laughable.

  3. I can’t help but wonder how children would be forever traumatized by learning “gay people exist”, yet in no way harmed by learning (in their homes, in their churches, via rabid street demonstrations, etc) that “gay people exist and are disgusting subhuman perverts who need to be denied the rights heterosexual people have and take for granted”. I must be incapable of understanding that logic since my brain, unlike that of a fundy, is not twisted into a pretzel.

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