Month: April 2011

Louis J. Marinelli comes out in support of marriage equality

Say what? How the hell did this come about?

I guess Louis finally realized that despite that gay people are just like everyone else and that the tactics of NOM are divisional and hateful. Whatever the case, welcome into the fold brother!

Reading through his About page though I have to rebut one of his opinions:

I immediately, like most Americans, stood behind the President. I supported the invasion of Afghanistan to rout out the Taliban and the subsequent invasion of Iraq, targeting regime change there. I continue to support both of these missions to this day.

I don’t support either mission and I’ll explain why I don’t.

1) 17 of the 19 of those hijackers on 9/11/2001 were Saudi Arabian. Let me make that clear, Saudi Arabian.

Now here’s where it gets interesting, what the hell did Iraq have to do with it? Recall that during the 1980’s, Saddam Hussein was our FRIEND, not enemy because he prosecuted a mostly horific war with Iran. Louis, I suggest you study a little bit of modern U.S. history, and perhaps even go back a century or two to get the full picture.

2) The only reason we’re really in either place is to protect oil and natural gas properties. But the weird thing is, the U.S. sits on the second largest reserve of natural gas in the world, dwarfed only by China. It’s estimated we have approximately 250 years worth of extractable gas sitting under the United States.

It’s good that he’s had this change of heart. But you can see where his conservative credentials came from. The damned Catholic Church, that’s where. He’s a pretty well educated fellow too which I think had something to do with his epiphany.

So lets see if he not only talks the talk, but walks the walk on this one.

Learning Android

So I should say I’m finding new features by the day. For example, a co-worker tipped me to the power manager app. It gives me a little more battery life which is good.

I also installed the Public Radio International application, as well as Scanner Radio Pro. That latter lets me listen to police, fire, amateur and other radio transmissions broadcast over the net.

I’ve downloaded the Eclipse EE Development environment, the Google SDK, and DroidDraw. Let the development begin!

The platform really is fascinating. In essence, Android is a hypervisor. The term hypervisor dates back to the IBM 360 days. In essence, it lives above supervisory level.

In modern terms it’s a way of managing virtual machines or VMM’s. Some modern VMM’s are VMWare, VirtualBox, etc.

Well the Andorid platform uses a VMM to give each app it’s own operating environment. And each app gets it’s own user ID that only the hypervisor knows. It is possible for two virtual machines to share the same user ID which helps inter-process communication. For example, the camera app ties to the Web app to be able to upload pictures to say, Facebook.

But the beauty of the virtual machine setup is that even if you were to visit a malicious web site, it’s only in the virtual machine. Once you close that virtual machine, it’s gone!

So it DOES do Video

Ok, it’s so simple! I’m not used to such a decent piece of technology like Android.

For example, to take a video you simply hit the camera button and then touch the camera icon on the screen and hold it down. Voila, movie!

And I’ve now figured out how to take a call while watching a movie. The movie thing is neat – and I figure I can rip Netflix DVD’s and port them to the phone. Oh the joy!

Anyhow, to answer the call you simply slide the button to the right and it answers. Neato!

And the Software Development Kit for it, well I’m reading up now. Mostly programmed in Java which I can learn on the fly now that I have a reason to learn it.

But it’s an interesting platform. For example, Android itself is what I’d term a hypervisor. All the applications run in their own virtual machine on the phone. That’s pretty impressive, it means a rogue app can’t tank the phone.

I can tell I’m going to have fun with this phone.

A new phone

I’d been teased about my LG Imprint and it not having good web and email capabilities. Hey, it was functional but it didn’t have that, you know, pizazz! So I bit the bullet and got the Samsung Galaxy Indulge phone.

My thoughts so far:

1) Battery life absolutely positively rots on this phone. After maybe 2 hours of heavy net usage (No voice!) the battery is tapped. So it’s charge twice a day. I guess I can get used to this.

2) The 4G LTE performance on MetroPCS is in two words, fucking awesome! I can try spooling up a video on my Wifi network using my laptop and on my phone at the same time. The phone loads FASTER! Come on MetroPCS, allow me to use my phone as a hotspot!

3) I like the touch screen aspect but this phone has a slide out keyboard. It’s about double the width of the standard slider so very easy to type on.

4) It’s Android. So I can get all sorts of apps for it, and it’ll take a 32GB micro-sd card which means I can install all manner of software on it. Yippee!

5) The camera is 3 megapixel which takes decent pictures and it is better than the Imprint’s 1MPx. And the camera is actually pretty good in lower light. For example:

Pretty in Pink!
Pretty in Pink!

It does video too though I haven’t yet discovered how to get at it.