A chilling thing I’m hearing re: MERI

Now I’m hearing MERI plans to file suit against anyone who talks about what went down.

Um, nice little gag order bastards. You may notice, the MERI logo is gone on this blog. I refuse to support an organization that resorts to such drastic tactics.

I also own the domains rhodeislandformarriage.org, .info, and .com. They are currently pointed at the Marriage Equality Rhode Island site but I think I’m going to point them to a NEW site. Perhaps one that exposes MERI’s current leadership.

Bring it!

5 thoughts on “A chilling thing I’m hearing re: MERI

  1. MERI lost their teeth…(but I don’t think they had any to begin with?)

    They can barely get enough people together to color pretty posters and apply glitter to postcards, I doubt they can muster the gusto to actually sue a member of the GLBT community.

    …but then again…MERI is always looking for a way to pat themselves on the back or read their names in newspapers.

  2. You really need to pull yourself out of the ‘rumor gutter’. Every erroneous and ridiculous post you make only further distracts Rhode Island’s gay and lesbian couples from obtaining Marriage Equality.

    This blog is beginning to take on the characteristics of Fox News… and you’ve quickly gone from part of the solution, to part of the problem.

  3. Your current post is even more disturbing than your accusations against MERI. You continue to forget their main and only goal is to bring Marriage Equality to Rhode Island.

    What’s your goal? To derail that mission…??????

  4. If the lgbtq community ONLY knew how HRC and some RI “political insiders” gave MERI a threatening ultimatum that they would destroy MERI if they tried to prevent HRC from coming into RI!!! They were amazed at how effectively and successfully MERI had taken their three year effort so close to getting a vote in the general assembly…..Unfortunately, some MERI board members were intimidated and HRC screwed the marriage equality effort in RI. Thanks Bill Fisher! Thanks Gordon Fox! Thanks Ray Sullivan ! Thanks Chris Fiero! Thanks Martha Holt! Thanks Karen Lowey! Thanks Kelly Smith!

  5. Maybe Fox/Sullivan/Holt/ et al should pay the social security benefits of that terminally ill woman who testified…

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