Still loving Android

Well, today I found out about a way to sync my iTunes library to my phone. I was resistant about it earlier because I have a rather good sized library and would hate to lose all that. I was considering my iPod Touch v2 and iTunes library a sunk cost. You accounting types out there know what that is!

To my surprise I found an application for the PC/Mac and Android called DoubleTwist. That and a $4.99 add-on for my phone called AirSync allow me to synchronize my iTunes library to the phone.

So now I have to spend about $50 on a 32GB micro SD card for the phone so I can keep my library there.

And what Apple never allowed me to do with my iPod, namely use wireless to synchronize, means that I’ll never buy an Apple product again. I am now an Android evangelist!

And while I learned how to develop applications for the phone, I’m finding I don’t have to root the phone or even write my own. Just search the marketplace and pretty much everything I want is there.

And I know Keyron is getting increasingly jealous of my phone. But the battery life on the phone is sort of weak and he talks on his ALL the time. He’d essentially have to keep in tethered.

But ultimately he will get one.

2 thoughts on “Still loving Android

  1. Android is brilliant… Funny how people choose to use their smartphones… It wouldn’t occur to me to use mine for music or games or even photography… I’m too busy communicating, gathering information, tweeting, blogging and writing on mine… I’m still a CD kinda guy… LOL (Actually I would still have a wired rotary dial phone too if I could!! LOL)

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