The weekend thus far and upcoming events

So yesterday we went to the Mall/Maul. I needed a new pair of sneakers. You see, you cannot get me out of my sneakers. And it doesn’t help that the job I’m in has a very loose dress code (Jeans, t-shirt, sneakers are acceptable, you’re there for your mind, not looks!).

But since I also walk a lot, I tend to blow through a pair in six months. It isn’t the uppers that go, no it’s the soles of the sneakers that wear down to perfectly flat.

So I got a pair of Reebok mid-top zigzags, and a pair of Nike sneakers in gray with bright green highlights. Can you guess which are my favorites? If you guess the latter, good for you. I like bright colors.

And Keyron got a pair of Nike canvass sneakers, and a pair of sandals. All total about $300.

And Pride season is coming up. I might do a tri-city this year. Boston is the 12th of June, Providence is the 18th, and NYC is the 26th. In order here’s how transportation works:

Boston via the MBTA from Providence
Providence is local
NYC via bus, though I’d prefer to go by train.

This will likely be out first time hitting all three major parades in the northeast in one year.

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