Yet another Bigot Cavalcade

I watched all of this vid, all 14:25 of it.

I’m going to focus on Tony Perkins. He holds himself out as this expert on family because:

a) He’s a former U.S. Marine

b) He is a former police officer

c) He is married with FIVE kids.

I wonder if he ever even sees his family. I’ve noted an odd statistic, more than two children tends to destroy most marriages. That has been the case with a number of my friends. Once you get past three, it’s all over. But Perkins proudly crows about his five spawn. I think Perkin’s may have been trying for his own “God’s Little Army” but his wife must have put her foot down, or at the very least obtained a tubal ligation, else they end up like the Duggar’s.

But here’s another little statistical anomaly. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that homosexuality might have a basis in epi-genetics. So all these big Christian families, you can bet sure as shit that one of those kids is going to be gay. I wonder how they’ll deal with it?

But explain to me how this makes Perkins an ‘expert’ on family? He’s trying to be slick, talking about natural law which is code speak for God. You see in their view God created the world and nature so by calling it that they speak to the converted while trying to recruit more ‘believers’ to their ’cause’ of oppressing LGBT people. This isn’t just about marriage equality, it’s about the desire of Perkins, Sprigg, FRC, AFA et al trying to re-establish the criminalization of homosexuality.

The most interesting part of the video is when they actually get Peter Sprigg to say he actually wants to criminalize gay behavior. Personally I’d like to criminalize Christian Fundamentalism.

They can howl all they want but Perkins and Sprigg are wrong on the issue of gay rights. It isn’t a special right, it is an EQUAL right. I suggest both men do a thorough reading of the U.S. Constitution and the Amendments to that document. Because you see, one of the key Amendment tells it all; equal protection under the law. Not protection of white, Christian, heterosexuals only, but ALL of US!

One thought on “Yet another Bigot Cavalcade

  1. Excellent post Tony. I’m a believer in epigenetics and am looking forward to the day when it’s proven that many of the traits humans have (such as homosexuality) are based in the epigenome.

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