An open message to Mr. Weiner

Congressman Weiner:

I am dismayed by your decision to step down from congress. You sir are the antidote to the Republican idiocy. I will really miss you calling them out on their ludicrous behavior.

Perhaps you should reconsider. After all you have colleagues in the House that have committed sins of far more gravity than what you have done. For example, some are/were clients of local Madams a euphemism for a female pimp. E.g. Sentator David Vitter. Some have cheated on their sick wives, E.g. Newt Gingrich, John Edwards and the list goes on.

It didn’t end their political careers. And your sexual proclivities shouldn’t end yours either.

Here’s to hoping you will run for mayor of NYC and that you don’t leave politics. You’re far too smart than to do that.

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