Could it be? 2012 Netroots Nation in Providence

I just got the news, Netroots Nation is going to be held in Providence, RI in 2012. I love it, because more than likely it will be held at the Rhode Island Convention Center/Complex.

This is great news. I plan on participating in this one. And I don’t have to travel to do it, I can walk to the venue, it’s about 12 minutes walk from the house.

Apparently our junior Senator, Sheldon Whitehouse and junior Representative David Cicilline have tipped it. Love it, love it, love it. This is a great opportunity to hobnob with progressives, politicians, etc. I’ll be in my glory!

3 thoughts on “Could it be? 2012 Netroots Nation in Providence

  1. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky! Tony I’m pretty sure the closest it would ever get to us is Boston. I’d rather come down to Providence. Maybe a vacation! Don’t get me wrong I love Boston, but getting into the city is a nightmare for those of use not used to it.

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