MERI’s Ersatz Leader couldn’t show at Pride today

I had heard through the grapevine that Marriage Equality Rhode Island Ersatz Campaign Leader Ray Sullivan was supposed to staff the MERI booth at the RI Pride Festival today. I went specifically to give him an earful.

But lo and behold, he wasn’t there. It’s then I get the text, he was ‘sick’. More likely he knew he’d be ambushed by people pissed about what happened to the marriage equality movement here in RI this year.

Fucker knows we’re pissed. Hell, when I went by HRC’s booth I shouted “Get the fuck out of Rhode Island!”

One thought on “MERI’s Ersatz Leader couldn’t show at Pride today

  1. Teresa Paiva-Weed bares her teeth in a display of aggression..When Representative Gordon Fox on his own marriage equality bill last month he told everyone not to worry they may not be able to get marriage in Rhode Island this year but civil unions ought to be a shoo-in..Except whoops maybe theyre not. The opposition is pissed because civil unions make life easier for LGBTs and we cant have that!.So now due to Democrats like Teresa Paiva-Weed who stood in the way of marriage we might wind up getting nothing at all. Or is it OK to compromise on civil unions for now while we fight for marriage down the road?.But dont give up hope yet this legislative session might be salvaged yet if lawmakers turn the civil union bill into a marriage bill when it hits the House.

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