President Obama: It’s a states rights issue????

How do I begin. No Mr. President, this is precisely the juncture at which the Executive of the United States should step forward and say the following:

“DOMA is unconstitutional, not just the 3rd section, but all of it. And while we’re at it, my parents met and married, and I was born, before Loving v. Virginia even occurred. It took the U.S. Supreme Court to say that people of different races could marry. And once again I believe the U.S. Supreme Court will ultimately be the last stop before full marriage equality!”

But no, it’s a state’s rights issue? Come on Mr. President, you made all sorts of noises in support of the LGBT community on the campaign trail and now you throw us under the bus? Sure, DADT is almost gone, but we still don’t have a federal ENDA, and the odious DOMA still exists.

Mr. President, you were a Constitutional Law professor. I’m sure you see the ludicrousness of your saying this is a state’s rights issue. That 14th Amendment says we’re all EQUAL under the law. Yet by your words, some are more equal than others and that’s just fine with you.

But I think I know what’s going on, you’re gearing up for 2012. Heaven forbid you express any kind of support for marriage equality in NY for it might damage you politically.

And when you are re-elected and are then term limited, you’ll come out swinging for the LGBT folks. I know the pattern, I’ve seen it many times before. I just wish it weren’t my life you’re playing with here through your inaction.

2 thoughts on “President Obama: It’s a states rights issue????

  1. I agree. Tony, I think you have this covered pretty well in your commentary above. States issue? I don’t think so and neither does he. He knows what he is doing (politically)and hedges about GLBTQ issues because they are politically inconvenient to deal with right now. After a 2012 victory I think he would pull out all the stops. In the mean time we get trampled and have to wait for an anticipated victory. To his credit he has always said we needed to be our strongest advocates and that we needed to push and call everyone out when we needed to, including himself.

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