Month: June 2011

The whole Ganesha Story

It’s the ultimate in ridiculous. Apparently in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho some people are upset about a Lord Ganesha sculpture being displayed in public.

I should remind those folks that Ganesha is one of the Hindu gods. But his story is interesting. A co-worker who hails from India told me about the characteristics and origin of Ganesha.

Apparently Shiva went away and his wife wanted someone to stand guard so she created a small man to stand watch while she attended her business. When Shiva go home the little man challenged him as was his job, and Shiva cut off his head.

When Shiva’s asked his wife about the man she told him that she had created him and so Shiva agreed that he would restore the mans head with the first thing he saw. Yes, he saw an elephant first.

My co-worker explains that Ganesha is most known for being the God of Success. So he ranks pretty high up in the chakra of Hindu gods.

So now don’t those Christians, and you now they HAVE to be Christians look down on a God of Success? Stupid, stupid!

Finally! A new blog rating

So for a long time this blog got a PG-13 rating.

Blog Rating R No One Under 17 admitted without parent
Blog Rating R No One Under 17 admitted without parent

Finally up to an R rating and all for mentioning the following words and their frequencies:

* abortion (4x)
* shit (3x)
* sex (2x)
* fucking (1x)

So if I should also add cock sucking, mother fucking two time bitch I suppose I’ll get an X rating. And as suggested, gay marriage, gay marriage, gay marriage. Marriage Equality, Marriage Equality, Marriage Equality.

Update, update, update! I just got an NC-17 rating. Am I ever proud.

Most Americans Disagree With Church Teaching On Homosexuality, Abortion

There is no surprise here. I’ve maintained all along that the politician­s and clerics in RI and in the U.S. could learn something from this. Their anti-gay screeds don’t resonate with their constituen­ts and congregati­ons.

And as to abortion, the question I like to ask those who oppose it is what they propose to do with the unwanted children should they make abortion illegal. I ask them will they PAY to take care of the child? You should hear the answers.

I walked away from organized religion a long time ago. Been a non-believ­er for over 30 years now but with a background in Roman Catholicis­m.

With that in mind I KNOW that the church is loosing people over the church’s adherence to quashing abortion and gay rights. As an example, Rhode Island used to be 62% Catholic, now it’s less than half thought that doesn’t stop Bishop Tobin from saying attendance is at an all time high. It isn’t and he’s telling an untruth.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

A Lesson for NOM

This article actually came from

You can read the whole thing here but there was one sentence that stood out and that I will now expand upon.

The sentence that will be expanded on is as follows:

Few catch on because they don’t want to – people prefer knowing biblical passages that reinforce their pre-existing beliefs, a Bible professor says.

Translated in the vernacular of today and with a hat tip to the Machiavelli’s:

In other words, the ends justify the means. The folks at NOM including Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown. I also want mention the AFA, FRC and all the local bigot groups like Mass Resistance, Florida Family Association, et al.

They are all taking the words of the Bible out of context. So beware NOMers, we know of your tricks. Don’t go spouting biblical quotations out of context and expect us to believe you. Because those of us who have read and studied the religious texts know when you are stretching the meaning, know when you are creating things out of thin air.

Of course NOM (and others) tell untruths

First, give NOM a call.

Then of course Maggie Gallagher Needs New Material is a good post of mine.

Then I see that NOM Wants to Register New Domain names in order to push their agenda.

Then a NOM insider smells the coffee and comes out in support of Marriage Equality.

I get a little local and talk to my state Representative.

A Majority of Catholics support Marriage Equality.

Screw you NOM, in which I vent a bit.

I take on FRC’s 10 Harms caused by same sex marriage

Empirical confirmation of my NOM numbers.

More to come.

New (old) Music

Just downloaded Larry Levan’s Classic West End Records Remixes – Made Famous At the Legendary Paradise Garage.

The Paradise Garage – 1977 to 1987. So how come I never got there? It was there for three years of my young adulthood but I didn’t know about it at the time. Damn, damn, damn.

It was the cross section of the disco and gay scene back then.

My iTunes library has now grown to the point where it is too big to fit on my iPod Touch 16GB. So I ordered a 32GB micro SD for the cell phone and I found two utilities that allow me to stuff my iTunes library onto my Android phone.

One is DoubleTwist which is the magic part that does the transitioning to mp3 format of all iTunes tracks, but then I can do it wirelessly because I bought AirSync.

Anyhow on to a track listing for the album I purchased off the ITunes Store:

Don’t Make Me Wait – New York Citi Peech Boys
Give Your Body Up to the Music – Billy Nichols
Heartbeat (Club Version) – Taana Gardner
Is It All Over My Face? – Loose Joints
Let’s Go Dancin’ (Club Version) – Sparque
No Frills (Club Version) – Taana Gardner
Serious, Sirius, Space Party – Ednah Holt
When You Touch Me (Vocal) – Taana Gardner
Work That Body (Club Version) – Taana Gardner

That last is one of my favorite tunes.

And a few I downloaded just because I liked them:

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You 3:44
Santeria – Sublime
The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars