Hate Crimes statistics that sicken me

These are statistics that make me absolutely sick to my stomach and very angry.

I despise the objectification of people. I despise the religious bigots fanning the flames couched as love and compassion. We are all people first, our sexuality is an immutable trait that should not be the basis of the war waged against us.

For reference see everything said by Maggie Gallagher, or more locally Bishop Tobin. They have this two faced “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” attitude in which they extol the virtues of heterosexuality, while downplaying homosexual relationship to make them appear contrived or sub-standard, sub-normal.

And what message do they think they’re telegraphing to people out there? The message tries to assert that we LGBT people are sub-human.

If there’s anyone who truly deserves the label of being sub-human it’s the ilk like Gallagher and her tiny little legion of bigots.

Not only do I want to see the perpetrators of those heinous acts against the LGBT community pay dearly for their crime, I want to see the anti-LGBT bigots out there charged for inciting hate crimes. Yes, you heard me, prosecute them! Make them understand their incendiary words have consequences. We could start with civil penalties gradually moving up to criminal penalties.

If my proposal were in place the likes of Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, Peter Sprigg, Tony Perkins, et al would be cooling their heels in a jail cell for a few years. As is, the outright refusal of groups like NOM to expose their donor lists would be enough for some serious jail time had the law any teeth.

4 thoughts on “Hate Crimes statistics that sicken me

  1. “…religious bigots fanning the flames couched as love and compassion.” That pisses me off more than anything. It reminds me of that dead slob Jerry Falwell who used to say the most hateful things about our community, all the while beaming with his friendly smile. Delivering a message of hate with a polite, friendly smile makes weak-minded people think it’s okay to hate.

  2. It has always seemed to me that those in our community who are already the worst off seem to have to deal with the worst hate crimes. Now there is proof. Doesn’t make any sense, but human beings don’t often seem to make much sense. We just have to make sure they keep having a voice and that their daily trials and the crimes against them don’t go unnoticed.

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