My Thoughts on the Heatwave

So with the temps scraping 100F around here past few days I thought it would be appropriate to center music on the theme of Heatwave, be it part of the title or the group name. And I actually enjoy the heat, it is rather Hades like around here and I can just imagine if there is a hell and I’m destined for it, I’ll be taking over post haste.

To kick it off, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas’s, my favorite:

Another one by the above group that I love:

The 7th Avenue with Miami Heatwave:

Heatwave – The Groove Line:

A Phil Collins remake of Heatwave:

We’re surviving the heatwave. Fans, AC, the whole nine. I’ve resisted buying an AC unit for the living room because I don’t want to pay to run the damned thing. The fan is enough.

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