If I were the Leader of the Free World

I must first tell you that we do not live in a free world. There are limits placed upon us by taxation, by policing, by inequality that make this a non-free world.

But here’s what I want to see for the future:

I want to see a land where the needs of all are met. Yes I know, it sounds communistic but it really goes back to what the Christ allegedly said, you know about it, those least of us need to be taken care of, those elderly, those infirm, those too young to fend for themselves.

But even those who can fend for themselves who have been dealt a raw hand, layoffs, injuries, thing of that nature. We should be taking care of those people too.

Whether it means more training, or maybe penalties on the export of jobs from this land, something has to be done.

On training, I want to see National Universities established in the United States. Make them places where all can be educated at low to no cost to the individual. Because it is education that will move us toward a progressive future.

But I do understand that for some, a vocational education would be more appropriate. So fund those schools too because we’ll always need electrician, plumbers and mechanics at a very minimum.

In essence, get us to full employment. We’re all familiar with it, we had it in the 1990’s. But companies abhorred that and so in the first decade of the 21st century those corporations did everything they could to destroy that full employment.

Health care is another big issue for me. I want to see a completely Universal single payer system in the United States. Model it after any other Western country that has done it so far, and you cannot go wrong. I find it appalling that the United States for all our advanced medical care has one of the lowest life expectancy rates in the western world.

Labor is another of my hot button issues. I want to see fair labor practices, in essence strong federal law that protects workers. I alluded to it above in a single sentence and I want to expand.

Make it so the tax benefits of keeping employees in the United States is more of an incentive to the bottom line than to ship those jobs to India, China and beyond.
Make it so discrimination against older workers is a thing of the past.

Make it national policy that all companies must offer a minimum of six weeks of vacation time to all employees. Not vacation, sick, etc. but vacation, regardless of full or part time employment.

The more I look at what I’ve just written the more I realize I’m just taking the best parts of policies from other parts of the world and grafting them onto the United States.

But it is my contention that we would be a better society, a better country, and more productive if we did all the above.

3 thoughts on “If I were the Leader of the Free World

  1. Tony, what a great piece. No surprise that we have the same vision for our world’s future. Education, dignity, expression, respect, equality and empathy would rule in that world and though we won’t get to see it, I’m glad to be here fighting against all that would try to suppress that potential. It is both empowering and comforting to see others expressing the same feelings. Keep up the good fight.

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