My first experience with Zipcar

As I mentioned earlier, I signed up for Zipcar. it’s less expensive than a taxi, more convenient than a bus, and less hassle than owning a car and having to pay to park it, etc.

The only problem, if you could call it that was the speedometer was stuck in km/h. Luckily I remembered that 50 km/h is about 35MPH, and 80 km/h about 50MPH. So I was doing 112 km/h which is 69 MPH.

It doesn’t mean we won’t eventually buy a car. There’s just too much convenience to overcome the hassles like being able to get up and go whenever we want. I’ve been searching cars and I noticed something, I can get a manual transmission Nissan Maxima of mid 2000’s vintage for pretty short money.

You see a lot of people have no idea how to drive a stick. I on the other hand do know how to drive a stick.

But while I save up some money I’ll use Zipcar.

It was pretty easy. It’s right in a garage downtown, you just hold your card to the reader, listen for the kerchunk of the doors unlocking (3 to 5 seconds) and you’re good to go.

The key is in the car on a little retainer line. You just put the key in the ignition, start it up, and go.

I like it. Went down to Warwick and stocked up at Trader Joe’s, then over to Mr. Lemon for a frozen lemonade. Probably put about 45 total miles on the car and it cost $20. So if I run that out, it’s about 44 cents a mile. As I mentioned earlier a cab/taxi would cost significantly more than the $20 I paid.

I’ll use it again for other things too.

3 thoughts on “My first experience with Zipcar

    1. You don’t know the joy of driving a stick. It comes when you learn the point at which the clutch ‘catches’. It comes when you rev the motor up and dump the clutch and the car burns rubber for a few minutes.

      The only time it’s a pain in the ass is in heavy traffic, like that of I-93 in Boston. Then it sucks a little.

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