Breaking it in

Breaking it in by kd1s
Breaking it in, a photo by kd1s on Flickr.

I thought you all might want to see it in action so I took this with my cell phone. Kind of an overcast, gray day but that won’t ever stop me from grilling.

I’m made of pretty sturdy stuff, all weather so to speak though I much prefer spring/summer. But this grill will get a LOT of use. I only paid $118 for it but I’ll get more use out of it than that.

For example, the steaks. Preheated the grill for about fifteen minutes then put the steaks down. I love ribeye steak. Seared them for about four minutes per side and then put the vegetables down. Took about ten to twelve minutes to get it all cooked.

Keyron isn’t a fan of radicchio, but on the other hand I love it. I’ve always loved the bitterness of some vegetables, for me the radicchio starts slightly bitter and then breaks out in sweetness. All part of being Italian-American I suppose. Also did some zucchini, just a little olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder and they are marvelous.

I’m looking up some other suggestions for grilling. And I have to break in the side burner on this baby. Good for sauteing vegetables that’s for sure. Burgers with caramelized mushrooms and onions, this grill can do it. There is a 33lb weight limit on the shelf but I could more than likely modify it to be able to support even more by adding detachable legs to the outside edge of the side burner. Then I could boil water in the 16qt. stainless steel pot and steam lobster in it!Or better yet, I could actually deep fry a turkey on this rig. The possibilities are endless.

And now of course, as I have been for some time, I am cooking with gas, propane to be precise.

Propane has an interesting looking chemical representation, in essence a ring of hydrogen surrounding carbon. C3H8 to be precise.

It’s derived from natural gas processing. In essence a byproduct but a powerful one, 46.4 kJ/kg isn’t too bad. It’ll cook meat in record time.

Natural gas processing by the way produces some interesting gases in addition to propane.

And to those of my readers who think this is butch, well okay, maybe I am. Fire, food. It’s fascinating. And you’re not doing it right unless it can be classified as a four alarm fire going on.

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